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Never Give Up

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Focus On The Future

Never Give Up Teaching Lesson 6  Focus on the Future. As I will write about in a future post a major factor that was responsible for stalling my life was my refusal to let go of those things I lost.  This had the consequence of keeping my mind looking back remembering every event that led me to ...

Be Ready to Adapt

Like many reptiles, iguanas are cold-blooded, egg-laying animals with an excellent ability to adapt to their environment. Their ability to adapt is a strong factor in their ability to survive. Adaptation is the way in which organisms change or evolve to meet the needs of their environment. Adapting to their environment is generally geared toward protection ...

How We React

Today’s Teaching is about how we react to the things that happen to us. Our response to failure and events that happen to us are often the key to whether we will go on to enjoy ultimate success or live a life of ‘only ifs.’ (more…)

Is it time for you to take control of your life?

So many people I meet see how hopeless their life is, and know they can’t go on living like they are, instead they need to take control of their life. (more…)

Never Give Up No Matter What.

When you decide to never give up, and instead try harder, work longer, and persist in the face of everything that comes your way you are giving yourself the best opportunity to succeed. (more…)

10 Great Never Give Up Songs

Today I bring you 10 great never give up songs to inspire you. I’ve always loved music. I suppose one of my biggest regrets is I’ve never learnt to play a musical instrument. Now there’s a thought, maybe a new goal to set myself. (more…)

Learn from your Difficulties

I’ve recently been dealing with a massive challenge of seeing my mother fight for her life while at the same time attempting to launch my never give up teachings. I have no doubt the timing of these two events has no coincidence. I was asked the question the other day, which of my disasters do I think ...

Never Give Up Songs – Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

We all need inspiration at times, and nothing can touch our soul or move us better than music. I am happy to bring you the never give up songs that inspired me. Today I offer you Demi Lovato 'Skyscraper. SKYSCRAPER - DEMI LOVATO Skies are crying, I am watching Catching tear drops in my hands Only silence as it's ending Like ...

There Is No Failure When You Never Stop Trying

Yesterday I introduced the Never Give Up Teachings Lesson 1 Never Stop Trying , where I said “The key is getting up in the morning and doing your best, trying as hard as you humanly can.” The message being never stop trying. (more…)

Never Stop Trying

I would like to introduce lesson 1 of the never give up teachings and that is to never stop trying. It seemed that fate had come to conspire against me when my entire world began to crumble around me. I had lost the house of my dreams, went through bankruptcy and everything else these two events ...

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