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Is it time you learned to Master Goals?

Do you think that setting and achieving goals is a question of special abilities or luck?

Do you believe that only those who have skills or talents in this area can set their mind on something and simply get what they want out of life?

Would you like to have a magic wand that could instantly get you from A to B, from here to your goal?

We’d love that too. Unfortunately – just for now – that’s not possible!

Thankfully, it’s not a question of special abilities, luck, skill or talent. We all have this potential but we are not always aware of it. What is possible though is to learn simple rules that will help turn your vision of the future into reality.

We will guide you step by step through the process of setting goals. You will learn and master skills for life. You will benefit from a group workshop but the plan will be yours.

What you can expect?

From this workshop, you’ll walk away with written life goals and actions to take to achieve them; so you are all set to transform your life.

Setting goals is an excellent way to provide you with direction and purpose. The more you can clearly define your goals (and revise them as needed), the more likely you are to achieve success.
Goals can help you to channel your energy towards meaningful activities as you continue along your journey. The purpose of the Single Page Plan Workshop is to help you accomplish your goals through an organized process made easy for you.

Each participant actively sets goals during the event and has an action plan to achieve goals before the session has ended. And, participants even start achieving goals the same day of the training.

Benefits of the Workshop

By participating in this workshop you will:

Understand the importance of setting goals.
Why you must have goals – if you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there?
How to set your goals.
Learn about the power of committing to your how.
Understand how to know your where by first finding your now.
Understand the power of visualising as a motivator to achievement.
What planning and the well-formed goals are.
The preparation steps towards achieving your plan.
Integrate the 8 areas of life to achieve a state of balance.
Create your why to support your goals and empower you.
Utilize powerful self-talk and imaging techniques to achieve transformation.
Learn the 5 Step process to goal achievement.
Motivate yourself to take immediate and consistent action.
What to expect on the way.
How will I benefit?
Specify your own goal.
Ensure you do what is necessary to achieve it.
Equip yourself in goal setting skills for life.

These workshops can be run at your premises. This course is available by arrangement, for teams and groups of individuals working in companies and organisations.

Who is it for

This workshop is for you if you want to learn the skills necessary to set achievable goals, to plan and reach for your dreams in a way that significantly increases your opportunities to succeed.

Decide what you want to achieve. Understand what a well-set goal looks like and move towards achieving it. With this knowledge and understanding the power will be in your hands to use these strategies in day-to-day life. Our goal setting workshop is here to help you.

You already have what it takes to make progress. Now make a decision and commit to it. Focus on your dreams, join us for this workshop and learn how to turn dreams into goals and make them real.

Your Investment
Group Size Half-Day (3 hours) Full Day (6 hours)
6-15 participants £200 £400
16-30 participants £350 £700
31-50 participants £500 £1000

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