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My Name Is Larry Lewis

I’m an entrepreneur, blogger, speaker and personal development life coach who loves helping others discover the unlimited possibilities and opportunities out there for them enabling them to overcome difficulties and get their life back on track.
Larry Lewis
Personal Development and Me

I love to teach, encourage, and inspire others. Being a qualified Life Coach, who had been introduced to the field of personal development from the age of 13 and has studied and practised it throughout my life, it was a natural progression to start my Personal Development Coaching practice and develop blogs, books and courses which allowed me to empower, and help others realise their personal goals.

It’s so rewarding to see or hear stories about how my clients’ lives have transformed and to see them reach their fullest potential. My purpose is to use my knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to empower and inspire others to discover their passions and fulfil their dreams.

My Never Give Up Philosophy
I am using my life’s story and experiences to demonstrate to you that you must never give up. Whatever crisis you face or disaster you have gone through you need to understand that there are still going to be many opportunities and possibilities awaiting you.

My journey has been one of failure to success. I have been at a very painful place in my life. Yet I have made my way over the last 5 years from a place of total disaster to one now of success and happiness.

My life has gone through some incredible life experiences. Those which are relevant to helping others, I will share, warts and all. I will share the wealth of knowledge I have acquired to help you achieve your desired goals, in the hope that I can inspire you to make it all the way through to the winning line.

My Coaching
I can help you. I don’t have ‘magic answers’ – there aren’t any! I don’t talk in jargon, psychobabble, or promote the latest big craze. I am straight forward and down to earth, with masses of experience backed up by qualifications, training and life experiences. I use tried and tested techniques which I know work!

You may choose one to one personal coaching with me, or one of my courses may suit you better, or both! You choose.

“I dedicate my coaching skills and time to helping others”
Larry Lewis

Whatever route you choose, if you are feeling stuck, do something. Life is short, grab it with both hands!

I work both within organisations and independently and can adapt any of my courses to suit the particular demands of an organisation or business. I love delivering workshops that can transform lives and inspire your workforce.

My Mission
My biggest passion in life is to help you achieve your highest potential and live your best life. My purpose is to empower others to find their purpose, live with passion, create a life of fulfilment and create a healthy, happier and balanced life. Helping those struggling in life, having experienced major failure and finding themselves lost is what i see my life calling to be.

Napoleon Hill states that between the ages of 40 to 50 man is able to channel all of their energy into realising their purpose in life. In doing so they find their voice. Well I’ve found mine in the message of ‘Never Give Up.’
Aspiring to greatness as Steven Covey in the eighth habit clearly points out is helping other people to find their voice and purpose in life.

I have spent over ten years working in the area of personal development and in helping others to achieve their potential. It is my belief that everyone should be helped and encouraged to reach their full potential and it is this that motivates me in building this website. I’m passionate about broadcasting the message of ‘never give up’ because I have seen the results that one can produce even after major disaster.

Let’s Connect
I look forward to connecting with you!

This is Larry Lewis

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