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I am a fully qualified (NLP Certified) life coach and have over 10 years of life coaching experience.

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My job as a life coach is to help my clients discover the life they truly want to live and then work with them to turn their life goals into a reality and I can do the same for you!


I’m so pleased that you are here and want to schedule a Free Discovery Session.

During our hour together, I will ask you a series of clarifying questions allowing us to dive into the heart of your concerns. From all of the discovery sessions I have done over the years, I guarantee one thing:

You will get something illuminating, or even life-changing, out of our time together!

I want you to have your chance to experience my coaching risk free. That’s why I’m willing to offer you a free coaching discovery session. You can come and meet me, and put me to the test. If you don’t feel it was worth every minute, if you don’t feel without a shadow of a doubt that I can help you, and if you don’t leave feeling stronger, more empowered and more optimistic, there’s no reason to do anything further.

But to be honest, it’s never happened.

Yes, it’s true, I can’t help everyone. But if you are the type of client I work with and ready for a breakthrough, together we can do awesome things.

So if you’re serious about supercharging your life, career and results, fill out the session request form either to the right or the top of this page (depending on the device your using to view this page).

When you request your free session, I’ll review your application to see if you qualify for the free session. If you do, we’ll schedule a time. When we meet for that session, you get to come test me out to see if my approach is for you. During that session, I’ll also be evaluating you as a client to see if you are the type of person I work with.

I only work with people who have BIG GOALS and are ready for change NOW. First, you need to be a go-getter, willing to do what it takes to make your goals. Second, you need to love learning, growth and self-improvement. After all, that’s what this is all about.

I can only take on a limited number of personal coaching clients at a time. So, if you want my help, get in my schedule now.

If you’re looking to transform your life, as a fully qualified life coach, I can help you create the life you want and deserve! Complete the free consultation form on this page and let’s see how I can help.

We can hold this free discovery session at my office in Darlington, or I can arrange it in offices in Gateshead, Newcastle, or Sunderland if you’re in the North East. Alternatively we can do it over the telephone or on Skype. The choice is yours!

Thank you!

Larry Lewis.

PS. Remember, the session is free and there is no obligation. If I don’t feel I can help you, I will let you know. There is no risk involved, except that you might leave your obstacles behind and start achieving what you want!

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We will never sell or share your personal information with any 3rd party (see full policy).