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The Power of Passion

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Second Half Of Life

Raise your expectations for what you can achieve in the second half of life. It doesn’t have to be less significant than the first half, in fact it can be so much better. I hate to pigeon hole myself, but as I was born between 1946 and 1964, that makes me a baby boomer. Born in 1962, ... Read more
Are You A Philanthropist?

Are You A Philanthropist?

Someone referred to the term philanthropy in a discussion that I was having with regards to my ultimate vision of contributing coaching, teaching and supporting others to fulfil their potential.  I wanted to find out exactly what the word meant. The most common definition that seems to be how most people define it, see it as: “The desire ...
Passion will bring Payback!

Passion will bring Payback!

Today I am taking a rest from working on my goal. It has been a while since I posted a blog. Sometimes life gets in the way and priorities emerge that have to been focused on. I have found it very difficult to spend much time working on a computer since November 25th when I had ...
Are you excited to go to work, or dreading it?

Are you excited to go to work, or dreading it?

If you are like most people, you probably dread going to work. But why is that? Perhaps you hate your job and crave doing something that you are passionate about. It drives me absolutely crazy to read the crap that many people write such as ‘Do What You Love and You’ll Probably Starve.’ They say that millions ...
Do The Things You Love

Do The Things You Love

Life is too short not do the things you love to do, and too long to be spending your time doing the things you don’t enjoy. If I am to leave any message on the day my life comes to an end it is those words I have written at the start of this post. From the journey ...

The meaning of life

“I don’t know what to do.” “I feel stuck.” “I’m lost.” Those are words I hear frequently from clients. Life feels stalled. All those big hopes and dreams seem to have just evaporated into dust. The meaning of life and how your time should be spent has no bearing to you. Who has time to think ...

What if I died today

What if you died today? What if tomorrow doesn’t come? Will you be happy going to bed tonight thinking that you have done everything you could have done to make an impact on this world? The dreams you carry and nourish in your heart are what your life should be about. Those who stop dreaming are ...

You Can Make A Real Difference

Pass on your wisdom so you can make a real difference! How do you pass on your knowledge and experiences to others? Most people use only a tiny portion of their potential, and many never find their true gift or calling in life. They never find a worthwhile cause to support, a reason that really means something ...

Breaking Free

Neil and I work so hard but sometimes we are embarrassed by how much we enjoy ourselves during our working day. But I know it isn’t like this for most people who are stuck in jobs they hate just dreaming of breaking free from this mediocre life. (more…)

Make The Best Use Of Your Time

I started this series of articles by saying that I believed it was more important to make the best use of your time then it was to manage our time. You have to actively take control of your time in order to take control of your life. You cannot be just a passive spectator as you watch ...

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