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What if I died today

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What if you died today? What if tomorrow doesn’t come? Will you be happy going to bed tonight thinking that you have done everything you could have done to make an impact on this world? The dreams you carry and nourish in your heart are what your life should be about. Those who stop dreaming are living a life of emptiness and frustration. Don’t let this happen to you.

Without dreams nothing great would have been created in this world. At the root of every exceptional success story lies a dream, an aspiration, a desire. Something powerful enough to drive you forward every single day and keep going no matter what obstacles should get in your way. I want to leave a legacy, and i put everything into every day and every moment driven by the power of one question ‘what if I died today.’

Not too long ago, I wasn’t living my dreams. Far from it, actually. I was spending my time working my ass off in a job that I simply no longer enjoyed and that was taking me nowhere. I woke up unhappy many a morning and got home late in the evening like a bear with a sore head. I was simply unhappy and frustrated where my life was going. SO if I’d asked the question ‘what if I died today’ i would have answered, nothing, my life has no meaning or significance, I am achieving nothing with the time i have been given.

One day I woke up. I realized that I couldn’t live like this anymore. I had to do something about it begin to build the life I really wanted to create. So I started to reclaim my dreams, and come alive once again.

Until I did my life was simply miserable. I didn’t realise what I was doing, and as I wrote the other day I was simply trying to survive, keeping things going. My family saw that I was on edge, to often in a bad frame of mind, but they couldn’t see that all I was doing was trying to keep a roof over their head, and had lost my way, no longer being pulled by magnificent goals.

My life had been rough for too long. I regret greatly how long it took me to add one and one together and for me to see that my life was empty of dreams.  I re-energised myself once I started to imagine the positive impact I could make by having the courage to follow my dreams.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes as me, alternatively I want to help wake you from your slumbers. I know what it’s like to lose your passion when you’re going to the same boring job, repeating the same boring routine. It’s enough to drive you nuts.

My life is so different now.

People often ask me what it is that drives me to work as hard as I do. They also want to understand what enables me to keep going no matter what obstacles or difficulties I’ve faced on my journey through life.

I believe that one of the most empowering things I’ve always done for myself is to ask of myself powerful questions. They get me to focus and concentrate on those things that are of the most importance.

Three questions that I constantly ask myself every day are:

Do you want to make a difference to the world through your gifts and the talents?

Do you want to help transform the lives of others and do it in the right way?

What if I died today … Have i made my mark?

They simply remind me of the purpose I see in my life. They remind me of the legacy that I want to leave behind. We are all going to die at some stage, and when it’s my turn, I want to leave my mark on the world having shared my knowledge and experiences to help others have a better life for themselves.

There are so many people out there looking for so much information and they really do need some guidance and insight.  I want to be one of those people that helps.  I have a feeling you do, too.

You see when I read about people like Mother Teresa or Gandhi I feel compelled to try in my own small way to do something right, to contribute in a remarkable way.

If your life was a movie would you go and see it again and again like i did the Gandhi Story? If not, consider what you can do to get the life you want?

You have to allow yourself to shine. Don’t trade in your life for money. Instead, do what you love.

My vision for myself changed dramatically after I got back in touch with my dreams, my thoughts and my passions so let this be the case for you.


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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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