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One to One Coaching
Check out my one to one life coaching packages. The most effective way to work with me and change your life.
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I’m available for live workshops (north east of England area). Great for group coaching or for business coaching.
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Self Improvement
If you’re just looking for some tips and tricks on how to make changes in your life check out my blog.
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Do You Have A Clear Roadmap For Your Life?

Get CLARITY on what you want out of life and create an easy to follow LIFE PLAN all on a single piece of paper!

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Benefits Of Life Coaching
Get Clarity On What You Want In LifeReach Your Goal(s) FasterOvercome Obstacles, Low Confidence And InsecuritiesThe Best Investment You Can Make!
Get Clarity On What You Want In Life
Life coaching will give you clarity on what’s important in your life. You will find out exactly what you want to achieve, what’s important to you, what you need to improve on in your life and more.
Reach Your Goal(s) Faster
Life coaching enables you to reach your goals and targets faster than other methods of coaching / counselling.
Overcome Obstacles, Low Confidence And Insecurities
Get your “self talk” in check! When you can clear the negativity in your own mind you will be able to break through obstacles that have held you back in the past and will help you improve your confidence and overcome your insecurities.
The Best Investment You Can Make!
Life Coaching is not seen as a cost but more as an investment in self improvement. It can be the best investment you ever make in your self as Life Coaching will literally change your life!
Some Client Reactions
In just twelve short weeks Larry Lewis has turned my whole life around. I know where I’m going, what I’m going to do and exactly how I’m going to do it. There is no going back. Needless to say, I’m staying with this good guy of the internet.
Maria King
I was a low ebb in life when I was introduced to Larry’s teaching. If there was anyone in need of a reinvention then it was me. Well I can truly say that his training is working – I am becoming a new me, or perhaps more truly, the real me is beginning to emerge from the cocoon.
Andrew Loader
Through his “real” and practical courses and personal 1-2-1 guidance, everything that I had gathered as knowledge through the years came to a concrete form. Week by week I gather self-awareness with the truck load and what is more important.
Christos Tziakos
I love it when a plan comes together – do the work, follow the process, and trust in Larry and you will see massive changes – now if that is too right brain, let’s just say that it is great fun, and a whole voyage of positive discovery, so enjoy! 1,000% recommended
Andy Downing
Larry has the gift to know you better than you know yourself. He takes you places you would never have dreamed of never going by yourself. I have been working with Larry for just on three years now and have found the whole experience a personal development journey.
Loddy Micucci
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