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The Power of Passion

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Ready To Take Your Life Off Hold?

Are you ready to take your life off hold? Personal Development is all about learning, developing and practising the skills and traits to be the best you can be. One of the first steps in personal development is finding out what’s holding you back. The starting point is you. Simple as it may sound, the only ...

Follow Your Passion or Play It Safe

I have been very focused on the issue of whether you should follow your passion or play it safe. I spent some time this week with a young man. His in his early 20’s. I have a lot of respect for him, in that he is very dedicated to his girlfriend, and his a very hard ...

It’s Only Natural to Worry About Our Kids

As a parent I’m constantly concerned with the well-being and future success of my children. I suppose it’s only natural to worry about our kids, and I’m sure we’ll never stop. We long for them to be content and successful at whatever they choose to do. We hope that we’ll be able to provide them with ...

Passion Can Change Your Life

When you make the connection with doing what you love, then yes passion can change your life. Your passions can so easily lead to a life change for you. I would like you to take some time to ask yourself these questions ‘What am  I good at’ and ‘What do I love’. Let these questions drift ...

How to Do What We Love for a Living

All of us want to do what we love for a living. Who wouldn’t? There are mostly three reasons why people don’t. Don’t know what their passion is. Know what their passion is but don’t know how to make a living with it. Know what their passion is but don’t believe they can make a living with it. You will be ...

Choosing Your Dream Career

Have you  ever looked at your life and thought, "I am not living the life I want’? Many are finding that they’re living to work rather than working to live. Worst still many of them also hate the work that they do. Life should not be dominated by work, particularly work you do not enjoy. Work is one ...

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