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10 Great Never Give Up Songs

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Today I bring you 10 great never give up songs to inspire you. I’ve always loved music. I suppose one of my biggest regrets is I’ve never learnt to play a musical instrument. Now there’s a thought, maybe a new goal to set myself.

Music will often see me through a workout, or be used in the background when I’m trying to relax. Or at other times when I am looking for inspiration and motivation to get myself to take action. Today I want to give you 10 great Never Give Up Songs that should convince you to never quit and go for your dreams.

Listen to these songs when you need encouragement to never stop trying. Don’t stop. Don’t quit. Hang on and keep going.

#1 Never give up – Yolanda Adams

Keep the dream alive, don’t let it die. If something deep inside keeps inspiring you to try, don’t stop. And never give up, don’t ever give up on you. Don’t give up

#2 When We Stand Together –Nickelback

We must stand together, There’s no giving in, Hand in hand forever, That’s when we all win

#3 Survivor – Destiny’s Child

I’m a survivor, I’m not gonna give up, I’m not gon’ stop, I’m gonna work harder.

#4 Eye of The Tiger – Survivor

Risin’ up, straight to the top, Had the guts, got the glory, Went the distance now I’m not gonna stop Just a man and his will to survive

#5 Never Give Up The Fight – Avant

Keep on, hold on, have faith, live strong and never give up the fight

#6 Get Up, Stand Up – Bob Marley

Get up, stand up! Don’t give up the fight!

#7 Keep Holding On – Avril Lavigne

You’re not alone, Together we stand, I’ll be by your side, you know I’ll take your hand, When it gets cold, And it feels like the end, There’s no place to go, You know I won’t give in, No I won’t give in

#8 We Will Never Give Up – Sanctus Real

We will not lose heart, We will not lose hope, When all we see is fading, We trust in what we know, We will never give up

#9 Don’t Give Up – Peter Gabriel

Don’t give up, ‘Cos you have friends, Don’t give up, You’re not beaten yet, Don’t give up

#10 I Don’t Ever Give Up – Patti Griffin

I’m no fighter but I’m fighting. This whole world seems uninviting . But I don’t give up, no, I don’t ever give up.I fall down sometimes, sometimes I come back flying

I hope you enjoyed this selection of never give up music.

Music is a great way to get yourself pumped, it is one of the best motivators we have. A great song should lift your heart, warm the soul and make you feel good and it will get you pumped to do what you need to do. Being here, the best piece of advice I can give you is to let music get you out of your melancholy ensuring you never give up

Leave a reply here and let me know what music you would put on to get you pumped!

Remember no matter what happens never give up on your biggest goals, dreams, and values until you cross that finish line

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I’m Larry Lewis a fully qualified life coach with over 25 years’ people development experience including coaching, training, mentoring, speaker for RNIB, and former fully qualified gym instructor and owner of a chain of gyms. Specialising in life change, work-life balance, life planning and career transformation.


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