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Start Dreaming

I don’t believe that many people who read personal development blogs like this one are totally pleased with their life. They wouldn't be visiting this article if they were happy with what's gone before or where life currently finds them. (more…)

Don’t Let Yourself Get Frustrated

Frustration, a word we all know, and an emotion we all feel at times. But what sort of impact does it have on your life? Maybe a more accurate question would be, how much hold over you does it take? (more…)

10 Great Never Give Up Songs

Today I bring you 10 great never give up songs to inspire you. I’ve always loved music. I suppose one of my biggest regrets is I’ve never learnt to play a musical instrument. Now there’s a thought, maybe a new goal to set myself. (more…)

Passion in Life

Do you spend a lot of time doing things you simply don’t want to do, going places you don’t want to go to, just because you feel you have to? Are you missing out on passion in life? Does life feel like you do nothing more than work to bring home a pay check and meet ...

WOW Goals are Magic!

Do you know where you are going with your life? So is your life charged with exciting visions of your future, with you being inspired by your aspirations and dreams? You have the power to control your destiny. The key is having goals. We can never achieve success in life without first considering where we want to go.  To ...

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