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Never Give Up Teaching Lesson 6  Focus on the Future.

As I will write about in a future post a major factor that was responsible for stalling my life was my refusal to let go of those things I lost.  This had the consequence of keeping my mind looking back remembering every event that led me to this point I’d reached. Yet it wasn’t my past successes that were centre of my attention but the events that led to me losing everything I had built. Constantly I’d play out every event in my mind and try and see the difference it would make if I changed certain things I did, my reactions and responses. This may have been of value if I did it the once but I’d do it constantly.

I have learnt that there is benefit in looking back over your darkest period. Hidden in what I called the debris of my life were massive clues to my way forward but at that time my brain wasn’t looking to find answers it was merely refusing to let go.

I was wasting time. I was neither thinking of the here and now nor did I focus on the future and that was my mistake that held me back for so long. The thoughts and feelings we allow ourselves to have are crucial, for they are contributing to our future. What that future holds will simply be a mirror image of our current thoughts and attitude about life.

One of the major things that changed my life was turning my thoughts from back to front. Once I focused on the future everything began to change. No longer was I to hanker for those things I lost but instead chase dreams once again, set goals that excited me and began to move my life forward at a massive pace.

Instead of being down in the dumps I was driven on by thoughts of what I could achieve the things I could do and those things that I could have. It’s amazing the power we can unleash within us when we let go of our past and focus on the future.

It makes the difference between giving up and never ever giving up. Why think about your life’s failures and disappointments when every day we wake up to fresh possibilities and opportunities? Life is not meant to be one of despair but one where we chase our dreams and try to make a world a better place.

We take charge of our life, and bring what seems like magic to us when we purposely design our future and set specific goals for us to achieve. . Once we have our future mapped out in our mind we experience a level of excitement in anticipation of the day when all that we dream will become a reality.

I now wake up every morning excited about my future but also enjoying every moment. It’s nearly 8 am in the morning and the minute my eyes opened I was immediately thinking about this blog post I wanted to write. It still excites me to see my posts develop to see the thoughts that come to me.

Also I’m thrilled by the prospect of having my granddaughter all to myself while my daughter is at university.  Then I can’t wait till tonight when I will finish my presentation for the members of my Reinvention University.

Then of course my mind looks ahead to the future where I see myself supported by my team standing on stage bringing the reinvention university to packed auditoriums throughout the world. I never said your focus on the future should be small.  Think big and go for those near impossible dreams. I still see myself sitting by my outdoor pool somewhere in the heat.  Originally the dream was to live in Majorca but I’ve fallen in love with Lanzarote.  I love not just my life now but what I see when I focus on the future.

Try it for yourself.  The power of the future is an awesome force. What can be has the power to drive us to do all that we can do.

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