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Why Is Life Such A Constant Struggle?

Life can be so difficult at times, every day just seems to be a fight for survival, struggling to make ends meet. Is this how things are for you? No matter what you try to do there never seems to be an end. Why is life such a constant struggle? Sometimes life can feel so unfair. No ...
Could Life Coaching Help You?

Could Life Coaching Help You?

Are you having difficulty bouncing back from adversity or re-balancing your life after a major life change? I personally have been through the indignity of: Bankruptcy Losing my amazing home Forced closure of a business Break down of my marriage Serious bad health Yet I have gone on from where they all left me, on my knees, to once again rebuild my life ...
A Helping Hand In Life

A Helping Hand In Life

I believe that with the right support everyone can reach their full potential all you have to do is reach out to the right person and ask for a helping hand in life. The biggest struggle most people seem to deal with through life is when difficulties take over and you lose all sense of purpose. What ...
Teach Others to Coach Themselves

Teach Others to Coach Themselves

It was said a few days ago that it wasn’t really possible for me to teach others to coach themselves. Coaching should be left in the hands of professionals. As someone who has spent more than 15 years coaching in one guise or another, as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, marketing consultant and life and executive coach, ...
Cancel your pity party

Cancel your pity party

How many of you on a regular basis throw a pity party so  you can declare your failures, those recent mistakes you've made,  your feelings of inadequacy and those thoughts eating away at you that assure you that life will never work out the way you want. Do you enjoy celebrating the lack of worth you feel ...
I Refused To Settle For Failure

I Refused To Settle For Failure

I remember the day where I found myself sitting in my conservatory, on the last remaining stool, surrounded by boxes crammed with many of my personal possessions as the rain cascaded all over the glass roof, and huge puddles were forming outside on my drive way. Five years of owning the house of my dreams was ...

Who we are is all we are

As an online entrepreneur I understand the importance of getting more visibility for both you and your business. Some people fear that everyone will know their every move, that whatever you put out will be up for public scrutiny, and that someone somewhere will call you out for some mistake or other, because once out there ...

Mentoring Others

Mentoring is a relationship to support someone through all the stages of running a business. Working with a business mentor, you can achieve better performance through clarity and focus. Imagine having an experienced, supportive and objective chaperon to help you determine what needs doing, avoid obstacles, and maintain the right business ethos. The process of mentoring starts with ...

What Does a Life Coach Do

As a Life Coach, I inspire my clients to live a more fulfilling, loving, and joyful life, by assisting them to reconnect with their inner wisdom and life purpose, in order to discover what they really want in life and achieve it with ease and grace. But in short a life coach transforms lives. I find it incredible ...

Unlocking Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

There are many of us who have that entrepreneurial fire in our belly. When the limitations of your “9 to 5” job get too much for you, perhaps your entrepreneurial spirit is telling you it’s time to make that move. Maybe you now feel the need to live life filled with passion for your job by ...

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