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Why Is Life Such A Constant Struggle?

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Life can be so difficult at times, every day just seems to be a fight for survival, struggling to make ends meet. Is this how things are for you? No matter what you try to do there never seems to be an end. Why is life such a constant struggle?

Sometimes life can feel so unfair. No matter how hard you try, obstacles keep getting in your way, and you seem to just stay where you are, or things seem to just get worse.

You have had some great ideas but they lead nowhere, nothing changes. Maybe your life right now reflects perfectly how it can seem like a constant struggle, you have money problems, difficulties with your relationship, a business floundering, or a multitude of other factors depleting your energy and enthusiasm.

Worse still you see others around you succeeding and living exciting lives. It all seems that things are just stacked against you.

And there’s part of your problem. You shouldn’t be jealous or envious of what others are achieving, instead be happy for them, and more determined in yourself to make things work out the way at the moment you couldn’t even dream about. You mustn’t keep seeing yourself as a failure but as a masterpiece in design, a caterpillar ready to turn into a butterfly, knowing the answers you seek are waiting for you to find them.

Life will not change if your mindset keeps telling you that things won’t change, life will always be a struggle, you aren’t meant to discover happiness or success. We all can make life brilliant, we just have to find out how.

Stop asking “What do they know that I don’t? Why is it always such a struggle for me?” Instead ask “what do I need to know or do to transform my life?” If what you have been doing to this point haven’t been working out, surely it’s time to realise you have to do things differently, make changes, try a different way. You simply can’t carry on the same way and expect different results. So ask another question, what can I change about me and the things I do to create a life where things work out right?

It’s time to get really curious and dig deep for your answers. As I write frequently, choose to ‘never give up’ and keep going, until you find yourself achieving your major, life changing goals.

It’s illogical to keep blaming circumstances or other people for the things that keep happening to you in life. It isn’t that you’re destined to be unhappy for ever or that you were born to be a loser. It’s just that you haven’t yet found the right answer. But you know there is one, don’t you?

So get out of your head those excuses, stop playing the blame game, and no longer put yourself down by calling yourself a failure.

There is an answer to every question, a solution for every problem, a right way for you to find the path to success and happiness. You have the capability to make the best of what you were born with. You have the ability to change, to evolve, to succeed, and to be happy. Because if you weren’t then indeed life would simply be unfair, and that is not the way it’s meant to be.

As a life coach, I work with many who come to me asking the question why is life such a constant struggle? My answer will always initially be, because you ask yourself such negative questions, instead you need to ask empowering ones, and if you did, life would change dramatically.

I want you to be able to take something away from this post to help put you on the road to success and happiness. Helping you get rid of the thought that life is going to repeatedly be a constant struggle. So let me give you some questions to help you on the right path, after all that is one of the things I would do for you as your life coach.

1. What kind of problems, struggles, or crises tend to keep repeating in your life?
2. What could you do right now to make them happen no more?
3. What question, if answered, could make the most difference to my future?
4. What’s my deeper purpose (the big “why”) that is really worthy of my best efforts?
5. What opportunities and possibilities can I see in my life?
6. What would someone else in my situation do to make their life great?
7. What legacy do I want to leave?

What I know is that within you lie the answers key to changing your life for the better. There is no more time to waste so start to use the skills I would share with you as your life coach so to begin bringing about changes in your life right now.

I can assure you that for a time my life was a constant struggle, dealing non-stop with pain and difficulties. Yet I learnt that every defeat or failure gives us a chance to grow and develop. We just need to make the decision to take action to begin putting things right.

I know when I first receive contact from a new life coaching client they have got to the point where they are saying to themselves “no more!” They refuse to allow life to feel any longer like a constant struggle, and are determined to change. As a life coach, I know they are now ready to bring about a brilliant life.

So my final question to you today is, “are you ready to stop life feeling like a constant struggle, and willing to do something about it?” If you are then get moving, start doing the things that are necessary to begin turning your struggles around. We each have it within us to succeed, that I guarantee you. You need to find that motivation to step up, and that determination to keep going, just remember, NEVER SETTLE FOR BEING LESS THAN YOU CAN BE!


What’s your next step to overcoming struggles in your life? Since this article has been published (what seems to be an eternity now back in 2011) it has helped thousands of people put an action plan together to enable them to overcome their struggles in life. With my help, you can too!

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Put Your Struggles Behind You

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