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Know Your Why

Happy New Year to all my readers. here is my message to get you off to your greatest year yet - Know your why if you want life to be at it’s very best. Through the darkest period of my life there were many days when I asked myself why I am doing what I am ...
Reflect this New year’s Eve

Reflect this New year’s Eve

Has it really been a week since I last posted on this blog? How time just seems to evaporate over the Christmas period. It is an incredibly busy time of year but such an enjoyable one.  (more…)


One of the greatest sporting comebacks I've ever witnessed was the amazing 2005 UEFA Champions league Final won by Liverpool Football Club. (more…)

The Bankrupt’s Route to Recovery

His band sold 14 million singles, 50 million albums and played to sold out stadiums and arenas all over the world. His name is Shane Filan and the band was Westlife. A few months back I was reading an article in a National newspaper which said that although he had built a vast fortune, he had ...

Failure Is Just A Stepping Stone To Success

I wish I’d learnt earlier on that failure is a part of life, and often failure is just a stepping stone to success. No fail can stop you, unless you allow it to. I was able to take inspiration from the stories of many successful entrepreneurs who had to fight back after major failure struck them down. ...

Nelson Mandela an Amazing Journey

I was driving back after a late night working and heard the breaking news on the radio …”Nelson Mandela has passed away at 95 years old.” (more…)

Never Give Up Songs – Don’t Give Up – Peter Gabriel

We all need inspiration at times, and nothing can touch our soul or move us better than music. I am happy to bring you the never give up songs that inspired me. Today I offer you “Don't Give Up” by Peter Gabriel. (more…)

Greatest Sporting Comebacks – The Ryder Cup 2012

Today I bring you the first of a series of blogs celebrating what I see as the greatest sporting comebacks. (more…)

Motivational Video: The Power of Dreams

An awesome motivational video telling us the fantastic story of Soichiro Honda. It could be a rags to riches story, never give up or believe in your dreams.

Don’t Quit Poem

Never giving up is all about perseverance, tenacity, determination and will power to not to give up, as my mother is showing in her fight for life right now. (more…)

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