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It’s Never Too Late

Happy Saturday everyone – it’s great to be alive! My life since recovering from my tough times seems simply wonderful. Having lost all my wealth and possessions back in 2008, I have gone on to rebuild my life. (more…)

Motivational Video – My Journey To Work

Watch this video of a girl from Vietnam who had no formal education who went on to become a qualified graphic designer thanks to vocational training support from REACH, a Vietnamese non-governmental and not-for-profit organization specializing in providing free vocational training, career advice and job placement services for Vietnam's most disadvantaged youth. (more…)

Never Give Up Songs – Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

We all need inspiration at times, and nothing can touch our soul or move us better than music. I am happy to bring you the never give up songs that inspired me. Today I offer you ‘It's My Life’ by Bon Jovi. (more…)

15 Never Give Up Inspirational Quotes

Let these motivational quotes lift you. Life at times will throw curveballs at you, it will make you stumble, so to help you to stay strong and persevere through all difficulties that come your way, read these quotes to realize failure is never final as long as you never give up. (more…)

Never Give Up Movie – Dead Poet Society

At an exclusive American prep school in the late 1950s, the arrival of an unconventional new English teacher changes the lives of a group of young students. (more…)

What I Have Learnt At The Bedside Of My Mother

What I have learnt at the bedside of my mother while she lies in her hospital bed fighting for her survival demonstrates to me the importance of me bringing this never give up philosophy to the world in my own way. (more…)

Motivational Video Between Failure and Success

The difference between success or failure whether it’s business, sports, family, relationships, career, or just life, is very small. Often you have to go through failure before you can get to find your success. This video highlights the ups and downs felt in sport.

What is the worst that can happen

Once disaster strikes you have a choice of how to react. You can either allow the impact of what has happened to keep you down or you can fight back and start to turn everything around. You need to ask yourself, ‘what is the worst that can happen’ by trying to rebuild your life. The answer ...

Never Give Up Songs – Whitney Houston – Never Give Up

We all need inspiration at times, and nothing can touch our soul or move us better than music. I am happy to bring you the never give up songs that inspired me. Today I offer you Whitney Houston - Never Give Up . Whitney Houston’s music has always motivated and touched me. (more…)

Bishop Auckland Train Station

Once life moves forward to a better place the burdens of your past do slowly slip away. This became obvious to me just the other day. My business partner and I had to pay in a cheque at our company’s bank, but as there car park was full we parked up at Bishop Auckland Train Station. When we got ...

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