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Never Give Up

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Never Give Up Songs – Whitney Houston – Never Give Up

We all need inspiration at times, and nothing can touch our soul or move us better than music. I am happy to bring you the never give up songs that inspired me. Today I offer you Whitney Houston - Never Give Up . Whitney Houston’s music has always motivated and touched me. (more…)

Bishop Auckland Train Station

Once life moves forward to a better place the burdens of your past do slowly slip away. This became obvious to me just the other day. My business partner and I had to pay in a cheque at our company’s bank, but as there car park was full we parked up at Bishop Auckland Train Station. When we got ...

Take Your Life Forward Once Again

Not matter what disasters occur in your life, you can always find a way to take your life forward once again. Winston Churchill said it the best. Never Ever Give Up! We’ve all experienced times in our lives when things do not go according to our well-laid out plans. And, when things do go wrong, it is easy ...

Never Give Up Movie – Coach Carter

The story of an inspirational schoolteacher who elevates his underachieving pupils to hitherto undreamed heights.

Never Give Up Movie – Believe in Me

A tale about a girl's basketball coach who inspired his athletes to believe in themselves and always strive to reach their greatest potential.

How We Respond

Even if everything is going wrong in your life, you still get to control how things will ultimately work out. There are factors and situations in our life that are completely outside of our control. However, no matter who you are, there is one thing that you have 100% complete control over, and that is how you ...

Turn Your Life Around

When life has hit rock bottom you are the one to determine whether you allow yourself to stay on the floor or whether you bounce back and turn your life around. (more…)

You Can Make A Real Difference

Pass on your wisdom so you can make a real difference! How do you pass on your knowledge and experiences to others? Most people use only a tiny portion of their potential, and many never find their true gift or calling in life. They never find a worthwhile cause to support, a reason that really means something ...

When Everything Seems To Go Wrong

We’ve all experienced times in life when things do not go according to plans, in fact we suffered from those periods when everything seems to go wrong. And, when everything seems to go wrong, it is easy to get stuck in self-pitying, defeatism and a downward spiral. (more…)

You’re Not a Loser

No matter how hard things may be, what troubles your life may be struggling with, the one thing you must do is hold the belief that you’re not a loser. (more…)

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