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How Do I Make 2019 My Breakthrough Year? Plan your Future

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How Do I Make 2019 My Breakthrough Year? Plan your Future

Let me ask you an important question: Are you happy with your life? Or would you love to experience a breakthrough year where things just get better and better?

Many of you are desperate to make 2019 your best year ever? It’s that time of the year again: everyone is creating their New Year Resolutions but doing little more than crossing their fingers hoping they will succeed. That’s not what you do if you’re going to create a breakthrough year.

What we all know is that there’s no better time than the beginning of a year to bring about change.  A New Year always brings a fresh start with all sorts of possibilities. I love this time of year where we can change everything. But, I make sure I follow through, as must you from now on.

Thank you in advance for investing the next few minutes to read this article and my promise to you is I commit to help YOU become the person you need to be to achieve extraordinary levels of success in EVERY area of your life.

If you’ve stumbled to the end of the year feeling like you were constantly a step behind the rest, regularly berating yourself that you just need to get a little more organised, a touch more productive – yet truly have no idea where to even begin – or are entering 2019 with a resolution list miles long that you’re unsure how to execute, all whilst feeling a little unsatisfied as you search for that intangible something “more” … then you get a fresh chance at the beginning of a new year. Don’t let it go to waste.

No matter how successful we are, there’s always a gap between where we are and the next level. Everyone wants to create an absolute breakthrough year that would change their life forever.

Let’s define first what we mean by a breakthrough year.

A breakthrough is an important development or achievement.

A highly significant or dramatic improvement.

A breakthrough is something that changes the course of your life going forward and ensures that things will never be the same for you again.

It requires you to have the courage and the bravery to stops settling for dissatisfaction.

The more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our subconscious, will direct us along the path to its fulfilment.

Earl Nightingale

You are ready to take control of your life and start seeing success and feeling happy, but how?

You have no idea where to start!

You have been going around in circles, for longer than you care to remember.

If you are looking to smash 2019 then the best way is through creating a life plan not just setting new year resolutions. Planning will make the difference to a breakthrough year against a breakdown year. So let’s get you planning.

1. Evaluate your life

It is important to make time to review your life, see how things are right now. Truly assess how things were through 2018. Can you be proud of what you did, of the things you’ve achieved. Do you feel you could make vast improvements? It truly is pointless moving forward until you see where you’re stuck, what you’re struggling with, maybe what things you didn’t do that really you should. Also of course recognise the good things you did. It isn’t all about giving yourself a telling off. It’s simply about knowing where you stand in life right this minute. Having done this you can now begin to work out how to move things forward.

To begin the process, I ask myself two questions and try to come up with at least 6-8 answers to each:

What went well this year?

What did not go well this year?

You need to look at all the important areas of your life, and assess how each is going. Whether its your health, finances, relationships, they’re all important.

To save you some time let me direct you to a life evaluation questionnaire I have created. This will provide you with clarity to how well you’re doing and indicate areas you need to make improvements.

By assessing your current quality of life, you can focus on bridging the gaps and take advantage of opportunities you have to make to create a breakthrough year.

2. Determine what needs to change

You simply ask yourself ‘What needs to change?’

 Imagine it’s 12 months from now, and we’re looking back on one of the most successful years in your life. What happened that made the year such a huge success? What targets did you hit? What goals did you achieve? what did you do to make it happen? What was different in all the key areas of life?

Most importantly what did you have to change to make your breakthrough year happen?

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln

But first you need to know what needs to change.

Ask yourself these questions:

‘What do I need to change in the important areas of my life?’

 ‘What are the worst things about my life that I need to change?’

 ‘Which personal quality, attitudes or habits do I need to change?’

You need to decide on the changes you want to make. Purposely chose changes that are practical, effective and achievable.

Many people yearn for personal transformation without knowing how to jump-start it, well now you know, work out what most needs to change.

What are the things in your life where you keep saying ‘Enough is enough! When deciding you want change your life, you must truly get upset with your current situation. Your emotions are very powerful. And you’ll find that by using this energy as a catalyst for change, your desired life will be within your grasp.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Winston Churchill

3. Now decide what you really want – Create a Vision

Having taken the time to decide what you don’t want in your life, the things you want to change, it’s time to decide what you want to change them to.

You may begin by asking yourself “what do you really want to accomplish in the next 12 months—if there were NO LIMITS?”

What would the perfect outcome be for this year ahead?

What can you get done?

What can you achieve?

See it in your mind. Visualize! Get a picture inside your head of the outcome of this year if everything were brilliant. What have you accomplished? We’ll look in a minute at ‘how you do it’.

Visualisation is a technique where you use your imagination to deliberately create a picture or movie in your mind of your own making, to form a mental image of something incapable of being viewed or not at that moment visible.

Think about health goals, career goals, relationship goals, and financial goals.

“Vision is the spectacular that inspires us to carry out the mundane.”

Chris Widener

I guess most of you have never taken the time to create this vision in your mind. You need to take that step now. Let yourself daydream for a while and visualise what a brilliant life would consist of over the next 12 months. See yourself on New Years Eve, having a wonderful time, celebrating a fantastic year and see everything you can. Visualise it now and start living it from today onwards.

Just do this. Close those eyes and let your imagination run wild. Think! Think hard! The next 52 weeks are sensational. Why? What did you do? What did you make happen? What changes did it bring about?

Get excited!

4. Four Goals One Breakthrough Goal

Think bigger then just setting goals! It’s a matter of designing the next year around one big motivating kick ass goal. You may need to think hard but you’re looking for the catalysts to your big vision. Four goals that will bring that vision into reality. Four Goals that make up your Breakthrough Goal.

You need to ask yourself “what four major goals, could you achieve in the next 365 days, that would not only bring about all of your top four changes, but would go the furthest to totally transform your life?” 

It is your breakthrough goal, the one major thing, which can make all the difference; the outcome of which will bring about the most remarkable change that will form the basis for all your decisions and actions. this breakthrough goal is your driving force for this coming year?

It’s time to be creative. it’s time to be brave. to no longer accept mediocrity but step up, take a giant leap forward in your life.

When John F. Kennedy said “this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth” it was thought to be almost an impossible dream, no different to when Bill Gates claimed his desire was to have a computer on every desk in every home. with desire, commitment, effort and belief anything’s possible.

They proved that amazing things can be achieved in life. And right now I want you to realise how much you can achieve in just one year, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes.

Now what are you going to be doing?

5. What’s Your Motivation

We can talk the talk easily, but unless we have a truly compelling reason for doing something, we don’t walk the walk. How many of you, year by year have said you’ll go regularly to the gym but never did? The reason you didn’t is you didn’t have a truly empowering reason for doing so, one that makes it a priority in your life, nothing else would be acceptable to you. You know, if the Doctor said, if you don’t exercise now, you won’t see the year through. Surely this now would give you your compelling reasons.

So, you really need to work out why your breakthrough year will make all the difference, what will the reward be.

Why do I want to do this?

What difference will this make to my life?

What will my life be like in 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years if I don’t achieve this and stay where I am at right now?

What will my life be like in 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years if I achieve this goal? How will this affect all areas of my life for the better?

What positive consequences would be produced from achieving this?

What improvements will it bring about, for me and perhaps others?

Reasons enough to push you forward, get you out of bed each morning excited and ready to work hard towards your goals. You need a “why” strong enough to pull you through the rough spots and make you push yourself to do things when you don’t want to do them.

“He who has a why can endure any how”

Frederick Nietzsche

6. Plan Your Breakthrough Year

Having done all this, now comes the most crucial part. See, it’s one thing to consider what you want but it’s a whole other thing to plan for it.

The truth is, it costs nothing to say things like:

I want to double my business

I want to take more time off

I want to go on a world class vacation with my family

However, it costs time, money, resources, and commitment to actually define what you really want and then go out and make it happen.

In order to create a breakthrough year, you’ll need to plan for it.

You need a plan. A step-by-step blueprint that walks you through what you need to do to get your life up and running.

If your goals matter to you, as you say they do, what then would the best use of your time be?

There is only one way to change your life. Having 1st set your goals you’re now going to have to take the bull by the horns and start to take action. Taking action is a choice! We either do or we don’t.

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.

Michael Jordan

Knowing where to spend your time is not always as easy as it sounds. It’s easy to put our focus on activities that will generate the wrong results. But can you determine the few activities that will get you closer to your goals, the ones that will propel you forward the fastest with the least amount of effort.

For every goal you desire, you need to take specific steps to make it happen. You need to work out what these action steps are, ensuring you spend every day doing the critical activities that will be required to achieve each individual goal. Let me be clear here, there are specific steps, actions, and tasks, you must take to achieve any goal!

By critical activities we are talking about those high value activities sometimes referred to as high payoff activities that have a high level of importance and will have the greatest impact on moving you towards your goal.

So spend some time working out exactly the high valued activities you’ll have to take to make this your breakthrough year. Brainstorm it. What actions are required to fulfill your goals?

“Reduce your plan to writing. The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire.”

Napoleon Hill

7. Take Massive Action

All this work will be pointless if you now don’t follow through and do everything you said was a priority. Imagine waking up every day and knowing each day matters, and taking action to make it happen.

When the vision is clear and when the belief is passionate, then the action becomes a joy.

The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

8. Take nothing for granted, Review

One of the most important things you need to do from now on is monitor your progress. Are you achieving what you set out to do? How crazy it is when we often work so hard, literally spending more time at work than we do with our loved ones, yet we never really look to see if we are making progress.

Well from now on you need to check your results on a weekly basis and review your actions. Are you doing what you are meant to be doing, and is this working well, or do you need to make changes? No longer leave anything to chance, not if you’re going to make this your breakthrough year.

I strongly recommend carrying out your review every single week on a Sunday. Choose a specific time and give yourself about 30 minutes to do it.

“Write down your goals, make plans to achieve them, and work from your plan every single day.”

The time is now to make what you want happen, it’s never too late (or too early) to design a life you love! Make this your breakthrough year.

If you found this information helpful please leave a comment and share it with someone who can benefit from the information.

Best wishes for a productive and successful New Year!

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