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I’m so happy to say, things are going absolutely brilliantly for me at the moment. I’m doing a job that I love, making a very comfortable living, offering things that I’m extremely proud of and helping others to create the lives they desire.

Life is absolutely fantastic.

How fortunate I am to have found that the Internet offered such unbelievable opportunities for me.

I love every minute of my life. I am working, if that’s what it is, in my dream job. As an online coach I have the pleasure of working with smart and ambitious clients, as an online teacher sharing my knowledge with a passionate and eager following, and building an online business which brings me into contact with awesome people and has enabled me to make many new friends, and let’s not forget I get to blog daily, all of which just brings me so much happiness and gratitude for how fortunate I am.

To me I’m still very much at the early stages of this particular journey yet. I’m a guy who loves to work and I like being constantly challenged. I feel like there is much more for me to do on this journey, and many more people for whom I can make the difference for.

Now with my consulting and coaching services, the sales of my course plus my increasing success with our ecommerce shop, as well as advertising sales and affiliate commissions from my blogs has all added up to earning a comfortable living.

At the conclusion of a Skype call yesterday I felt myself completely regenerated with a laser like focus of what i needed to do. I was speaking to a lady who only recently had returned to internet marketing. I found her an amazing woman, passionate when she spoke, and extremely knowledgeable.  She had made a lot of money from internet marketing, but alas lost it all due to the unscrupulous types that unfortunately plaque that world. She had been sucked in by those that feel loyalty to nobody but their profits, and had been persuaded to part with lots of money to ensure she had plenty of stock and keep her place on the ladder.

Her story we know is common place. So many people are attracted to the world of internet marketing by slick sales pages and the promises of six figure incomes. Yet most after a lot of effort, time and money find themselves like this lady, wiped out, betrayed and exhausted.

The internet offers a fantastic place for people to run a business, and to make money. I love everything about my business, and believe that there is unbelievable potential awaiting anyone willing to work hard. But they have to avoid these dubious gurus and worse still products that offer the world, both who end up delivering nothing more than pain.

My focus is very much about helping those new to both the blogosphere and internet marketing. We are not offering to make anyone a six figure earner in a matter of months. We believe that most bloggers and internet marketers would be happy to earn a steady £2000 to £5000 on a monthly basis.

Our course and personal support will provide anyone with a solid foundation on which to build a long term profitable business. In 12 weeks they will have a complete online business up and running with a professional brand and identity to support it. We are at hand throughout these 12 weeks offering 1-2-1 coaching at any time that its needed.

Of course there is a fee for this $299. But with a full 14 day money back guarantee. We are not scammers, but neither are we gurus. My partner, Neil, business partner may i add, and I have created in 18 months an online business comprising a few blogs and ecommerce shops. We are in the midst of building a complete new site which will bring together all that we have learnt and will go live in January 2012. We are very excited. But to this point we are successful, making good money and we are helping many others learn how to, and helping them set up an online business.

One of the things I hear most is people complaining about the Internet Marketing courses they have tried and the lack of  support to help them get the most out of the course. They end up getting overwhelmed by the amount of information that they receive and have no one to go to – to guide them in the right direction. On our course this will never be one of your concerns. Both of us, Larry and Neil will be holding your hand all along the way. We will be available through Skype for 1-2-1 when you need them. We will personally be going through your ‘homework’ and feeding you back our replies. We are your coaches and part of your inner team, your success is our success, so we will never let you down.

What was so empowering for me, was hearing this lady, who had been burned by unscrupulous ‘guru’s’ previously, tell me how comfortable both she and her daughter were with what I was teaching them, and how I was motivating them both to believe what was possible for them in building their online business. To me this is exactly what I love about my job. The people and the change you can bring about in them.

Check us out, or make contact if you want to know more. Join our course, and let us help you get yourselves established on line in the right way. Visit our All The Missing Pieces information page to read what we are offering you.








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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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