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Never Give Up Teaching Lesson 7 Set out to fulfil your potential

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We have been blessed with so many discoveries. I know the fascination I felt when I was reading stories of how the Vikings set out on journeys of discovery or how Christopher Columbus voyage brought him to find America.

How different things may have been if their ships had stayed at anchor in their harbours.

Life is very similar to this.  If we don’t set out on our personal journeys of discovery we will never find what’s possible for us.

It’s like when you set out on a car journey. It doesn’t matter how many times you stop as long as you start up again.

I had a conversation the other day. I heard someone describe a period of their life during which they achieved some remarkable goals. I’m sure he is responsible for the nautical feel to my blog today. As he described this period of his life I was just so impressed yet he seemed to not realise what great things he had done. Partly his feelings were muted by the next period, where life had taken a few wrong turns. In fact he had a very flat 10 years and seemed to be stuck on his journey reeling from his losses and unable to pick himself up. I could certainly relate having myself taken a year to recover from my darkest period. We both just stayed stuck and virtually wasted our days away in feeling sorry for ourselves. Fortunately we both have now lifted our anchor and are sailing towards are destiny and being able to fulfil our potential.

I can look back now and remember how sad and disappointed I felt with everything that had happened in my darkest period. I had lost so much, yet I have gone on to rebuild my life successfully. This shows that no failure need be final.

I knew even at the worst time that there was still a happy ending waiting to be written. But this requires having the right mindset and getting up off your knees, getting your mind into the right place and taking action. Once I did this then I began to write the new chapters of my life.

It is truly amazing how powerful our minds are and the effect they can have on our lives. Just the way we think can be so impacting. When I was reeling from the injustices of what I felt had been the cause of what happened my mind was so negative, yet once I felt my dreams pulling me through I was filled with positivity. Our thoughts simply determine the emotions that we experience, whether we feel happy or sad, positive or negative, motivated or unmotivated. So being in control of our minds, holding on to positive thoughts definitely plays a big part in the outcomes we achieve.

Every one of us has massive latent potential. It is there to be used and use it we must. I admit for a time period I felt empty inside and allowed my potential to go to waste. This is criminal, and such a waste of the limited precious time we have here on earth. We need to be digging deep to bring out our full potential which as a word refers to is the undeveloped and unrealized possibilities and capabilities that have not yet come into being. The minute I began to look forward, focus ahead, I knew the best was yet to come. It was down to me to bring it into being. You can’t find any better motivation that that.

I have often written about how important it is to do those things in life that are burning in our hearts.  Yet I see so many people who don’t pursue their dreams. They just sort of go through life, settling for mediocrity. They never “go for it” Here was my chance and soon circumstances allowed me to go for them.

Each one of us has more potential within us than we could ever fulfil in a lifetime. By calling upon it we would have astonishing forces that would revolutionise our life. We have an abundance of unlimited possibilities, just waiting for us to give them power which will enable us to fulfil our potential.

Whenever you’re ready you will be able to start to fulfil your potential bringing it into reality. What better way to deal with the disaster or misfortune you’ve faced than to come bouncing back by being the best you can be.  This to me is the meaning behind a well known saying, that within every adversity in life, there is always a seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. We have to look for it – find it – and act on it. Dig deep and bring out your brilliant best.

The challenge is that you come into the world with the most incredible potential, together with innumerable unlimited possibilities for success, happiness and achievement, but you start off with no instruction manual. As a result, you have to figure it all out for yourself. Most people never do. They go through life doing the very best they can, but they never come within shouting distance of doing, having and being all that is possible for them.

We are all capable of altering the course of our lives. You can decide, right now, to take complete control over what you do and think, and turn yourself into the very best person you can possibly imagine yourself becoming and set out to fulfil your potential.

By taking complete control you will be able to accomplish more in the next period of your life than you’ve accomplished in a lifetime.

The potential to fulfil your potential exists within you!

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I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.
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