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In Business Now More Than Ever, Patience Is A Virtue

The definition of the word patience is to tolerate delay implying self control and tolerance. When you are building an online business have absolutely no doubts that patience is a virtue. There are so many different areas that you have to develop. Of course you have to build your website and all that will include. You have to ...

Entrepreneurs when they lose their magic

I see the journey every entrepreneur takes as being a voyage of self discovery.  As an entrepreneur I have for a long time realised that there's always more to learn and we’ve always got room for improvement. We are evolving all the time. By implementing a process of continual improvement amazing things will happen in your business. At ...

Mentor others towards success

My name is Larry Lewis. I have spent the past year advising other entrepreneurs on how to achieve success through an online business. If you really want to enhance your own growth, adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and want to learn from my experiences (both successes and failures!) this blog is aimed at giving you exactly that. More and ...
I’m A Blogger … First And Foremost I’m A Father

I’m A Blogger … First And Foremost I’m A Father

Hi, I’m Larry Lewis and thanks for visiting my blog. If you look up the definition of Mentor you're likely to find the following: 1. A wise and trusted guide and advisor. 2. A Person who shares experience, knowledge and wisdom about a particular area of expertise. 3. A friend, wise advisor and teacher. As a mentor I have been blessed ...

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