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A Long Road without a Turn, Tag you’re it!

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First off, I want to introduce you to Judy Murphy. She has found me through my All The Missing Pieces course and came to me from an internet marketing background. From the moment I talked to her I knew she was one special lady and her story needed to be shared. Fortunatly I have the tool to do just that! I am pleased to announce she will become a regular blogger here on sharing her thoughts and stories but as she comes from a different background to me I think she will provide a great contrast to the normal content I write. Of course, every now and then Neil will be contributing to Larry but alas, there is no escaping from him (just kidding Neil). So without further ado, take it away Judy.


Let me explain the heading of this blog.

Have you ever had your mind and heart set on something and had the rug pulled out from under you? Were you ever told that you could own your life, make a nice income and help people along the way? Did you get told things that never materialized? Have you ever had someone tell you, this is all it will take to see your dreams come true?

Well I sure have, this topic was based on network marketing, mlm or whatever was the flavor of the day! I felt exploited several times, by people trying to fill their pockets at my expense, along with lots of other people that trusted and believed what we were being told. What a dirty rotten thing to have happen. You know what, most of what happened to us, was our own fault. We should have done our homework a lot better, not everybody has good values and morals, some people could ruin anything good, with a couple shakes of greed.

Years of climbing back up finally taught me, it’s not the industry of networking that has done me wrong, it was the lack of knowledge on my own part! I was so messed up, because of some of the things that happened to me by getting involved with the wrong people.

They were using networking as their means to make money at any cost. It got so bad that I had to remortgage my home, and I had to work really hard to keep from wanting to just give up and sit in a dark room.

There is light in the tunnel of life, I have come across, All the Missing Pieces, a personal life coach that has inspired me to jump back into life with both feet. A SEO guy, someone that builds web sites with all the high tech bells and whistles; he has helped my daughter immensely. Yet another guy that knows the pure  parts of network marketing, and he has the ability to train and teach on the industry the way it was intended, a well-known blogger is on board, this is something everyone should take a serious look at for themselves. All these men keep learning, helping, and caring for the betterment of people like you and me. I sure hope I have your interest; I’d like nothing better, than to be the person that turned your light on, to the possibilities of you regaining some dreams you once had. A Long Road without a Turn, Tag you’re it!  It can truly be your Turn.

I’ll be back later in the Week



Judy Murphy.


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I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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