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Between Facebook posts and Twitter tweets, it seems like there are a thousand and one ways to communicate online these days. However, to me the number one way of communicating online is through blogging. Not only does it give you a place to put over your voice, you can do it with passion. A blog is a great place to inspire others.

Blogs inspire people to write about their passions, their family, their business, things that they love or even those that really ‘piss’ them off. A blog can be inspiring, entertaining, make you laugh, they can even make you angry.

We blog to find satisfaction either in career, business, hobby or an outlet for a talent we have and want to nurture and grow into something special.

When I write on my blog, it is with the understanding that I do not write for my eyes alone. Maybe I did when I first started out, but no more. A blog is a platform offering us a stage to show off our thoughts. There is nothing as satisfying as appreciating that you have an audience – visitors who will continue to come back, simply because they enjoy your writings. The first time my Healthy Lifestyles Living Blog site meter showed a thousand unique visitors in one day it suddenly hit me that I really was succeeding in this field I love. I had built a good reader base with many who check my site every day, and being a personal development blogger, it has become my moral responsibility not to disappoint them or let them down. Personal development is my specialist field and my passion, so the purpose of my blog is to help my readers grow personally and (re)discover ways to live consciously. My readers are visiting my blog site with an expectation of finding new content offering motivation, and knowledge, helping their personal growth, and it provides me with a drive to blog every single day.

What used to be a hobby can soon become a passion, and in my case that passion then becomes my business. I have gone from a 3 post a week blogger to a 7 day a week one. I’m obviously also now contributing to multiple blogs. Some may see what I’m now doing as lots of hard work, yet I still love every second, and would do it for no reward other than the enjoyment it brings.

Many top bloggers didn’t start out to trying to earn money from blogging. But they became very good at what they blog about and were able to build a loyal following, in time the money starting pouring in. The best bloggers are passionate about their subjects and write in a sincere manner happy to share their knowledge. The money we learn how to earn is just such a boost, as is our ability to earn enough that we can do this wonderful thing on a full time level.

When it comes down to it a blog is a personal expression, it allows us to write about the things we want to.  No matter our level of audience, or the monies we make, we must always stay dedicated to our true beliefs, and let our blogs reflect this.

Once you get onto the path of blogging, and you ‘get it,’ the buzz, the excitement, you will never be able to give it up,  you’ll be so thrilled and happy with it all, how it changes you on a daily basis, and like for me how it can  make a huge difference in your life and you’ll always want to work more at it to make yourself a better blogger.

Once you’ve built a healthy blog that’s thriving you will never look back, and you’ll then understand what a phenomenally lucky person you are to be a blogger.




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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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