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Every now and again I feel the need to jump on to my soap box. Today is one of those days. Those of you who follow me, know that first and foremost I’m a blogger. Yes, ok, I now own a profitable online business, and yes, I run a course for those wanting to develop a positive mindset and create a profitable online business, but I am a blogger at heart, and always will be. It is where my passion lies. Hey to prove the point I’m not even going to drop a link to my course. Today I have something I want to say.

In my mind Blogging is the greatest gift provided by the Internet.  Yet they say that 97% of those that start blogging end up abandoning their blog. Worse still many of these are so called ‘internet marketers’ that start to blog in the hope that they will be able to make money from the internet, not only fail to make a penny, but throw a lot of money  away on things that they either didn’t need, or worse still things that were a total waste of money. In fact it is starting to drive me slightly ‘mad’, seeing some really nice people wasting time, money and effort, who simply just don’t get blogging, or its power when things are done right.

It’s time for them to wake up. So much of what they do is a total waste of time. Worse still they set up their blog on some dreadful looking template that makes them look what they are, internet marketers trying to make a fast buck out of blogging. They just don’t get how important it is for them to be not only genuine bloggers, but to have a site that looks good, that’s well optimised and is user friendly. They spend more time on trying to get a Facebook page set up, then to make their blog home right. It’s just crazy. After all, do they actually understand the true benefit of a Facebook page. Their posts are all in one place. They are giving their fans a reason to come back to their page by frequently adding fresh content on a regular basis. Keep in mind that consistently updating their blog takes care of this.

Time is a valuable resource and we only get 24 hours of it each day, no matter what. Therefore it is crucial that in this busy world, we use it effectively and efficiently as much as possible. But for that to happen requires a lot of discipline and motivation on our part, as well as knowing the right things to do. Alas too many so called ‘gurus’ out there, point you in the wrong direction.

As you should know, getting your site to look good and professional is essential.  So why then do so many ‘internet marketers’ not realise how important it is to get the customization of their site right, then spend time producing authentic, quality blog posts, before they try to play around in the social network groups. What do they really think is going to happen, when somebody finds their way to their blog, and is greeted by a virtually empty, replicated type of blog page.

Alas so much of their activities are just killing their precious time which could be easily utilized in writing valuable posts, and building an awesome blog. They need somebody that they listen to, to explain the difference between internet marketers and bloggers.

They got to stop letting unimportant tasks steal their valuable time, which also stops their blogging rhythm. Writing a great post, yes for a worthwhile keyword phrase, is the number one thing that will get them GENUINE traffic, and the rewards that come from it.

Then there’s Skype. I LOVE Skype. I love that I can use it to chat with clients, associates and friends all over the world for nothing. I love the break it provides. I love that I can pop on at anytime and find someone to talk to. The downside is that many stay on too long and end up chatting rather than working. What I hate is when people instead of using Skype for conversation, they use it as a cheap way to get yet another plug in for their latest post or hoorah meeting.

What also makes me cry, is these guys are all here to make money. Ok, fair does. So why aren’t they doing any of the things that us bloggers do. Oh I forgot they are internet marketers, so why would they want their blog to make them direct money. Maybe because internet marketing has generated them not a bean, so it would make sense for them to monetize their blog, wouldn’t it. Even just having Adsense,  it’s not going to make you a fortune, but it will get your income moving.

They’ve got their priorities so wrong. All they want to do is shout out to the world about the latest earth shattering cure all ills in a bottle, but spend no time building links on related blogs . Instead of going to the blogs that they can learn from, the same ones where a good comment will give them juice back to their blog, instead they spend all day visiting the blogs in their internet marketing group, which will simply get them no where. It’s like the blind leading the blind. My advice is go to the high ranked blogs and leave a valuable comments so that it get approved. It may help you.

The advice they follow is getting them nowhere, but they continue along, until the day when they put that notice up on their blog, this site is now closed. When will they get it into their heads that in the blogging game content is King and to get things right they have to produce well written posts with fresh and relevant information , then they will have a chance to succeed. And monetize your blog makes so much sense, well it does to those of us in the know.

Blogging is a serious business today and can definitely make you money but daily many peoples give up the ghost. Please don’t let yourself be one of them.

Here is my piece of advice today. Maybe you need to find a quick solution to your blogging nightmare. Our course may not be right for you. It takes time and a lot of effort. You may want something quick and easy. I wouldn’t hesitate then to recommend to you David Risley’s Inner Circle.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made as a blogger? Drop us a comment and let us know!


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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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