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Are You Spreading The Luv?

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My last two articles looked into the difference between dofollow and nofollow hyperlinks. They also looked into some of the pitfalls of having dofollow links on your blog. After upgrading to the latest version of comment luv we noticed something significant in the default install. This brings us to our question.

Are you spreading the luv?

By default, in commnt luv, all comments on your blog us nofollow links. We explain in the two articles To Follow Or Not To Follow and the problem with dofollow links why you should go against using nofollow and become good linkers by removing nofollow from you comment links.

Why cant we spread the luv by default?

We see why comment luv has nofollow switched on by default. A bad comment can ruin a blog and you can image the amount of complaint emails comment luv would recieve advising their plug-in has destroyed the reputation of their users precious blog. With the right information and training you can spot a bad comment and keep your blog safe while helping out your fellow bloggers by linking with each other properly. Lets really start spreading the luv! Change the default settings on your comment luv installation now and remember to shout out to the world that your now a good linker.

We’re spreading the luv, are you??


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