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A Deep Breathing Exercise To Breath Better!

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A Deep Breathing Exercise To Breath Better!

Today I want to share a deep breathing exercise for you to breath better! Its an essential tool for life, where I am going to help you to breath better and ensure you get the most from this essential activity. It is essential that you learn to breathe better!

Isn’t it amazing that something so important for survival, humans can’t live if they can’t breathe, we are very rarely shown how to do it well. Breathing is such a simple thing for us to do and it allows for such a simple process to take place. When you breathe in, you inhale oxygen. When you breathe out, you exhale carbon dioxide. But when done properly it can be so much more, it can be revitalising, energising as well as calming.

I wake up every day and I think, ‘I’m breathing! It’s a good day.’ Eve Ensler

Many of you already know the importance of deep breathing. If you are a mum you really should. Deep rhythmic breathing during labour will maximise the amount of oxygen available to you and your baby and can help you to handle contractions and better cope with your labour. Well this is what I’ve been taught, because as a male I haven’t experienced it myself. I know it to be true as I have attended at the wonderful births of my two daughters.

So, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you the importance of breathing. Yet despite this most human do not pay attention to the way they breathe, they do nothing to control their breathing, and therefore most just breath badly all the time. They don’t even know it, because it is an involuntary action. You breathe on auto pilot, it just takes place in the background, so you don’t have to pay any attention or get involved. Well this results in your breathing being uncontrolled, shallow, and you only using a fraction of your lung capacity.

The most common way that people breathe is called Shallow Breathing. Shallow Breathing is where you tend to breathe from the chest, rather than from the abdomen. This creates a shorter and shallower breath with the diaphragm not being used as it should be.

Shallow breathing is detrimental to your health. I’ll give you three reasons, but there are far more.

  • It leads to an insufficient amount of oxygen entering the body, so oxygen levels are lower than they should be.
  • It results in energy levels being lower, so you become sluggish and exhausted.
  • It causes a mental and emotional imbalance, so stress levels are higher than they should be.

You take an average of about 15 breaths per minute, 900 breaths an hour, so about 21,600 breaths per day.

So, don’t you owe it to yourself to at least give yourself some time where you breathe properly? You will benefit both physically and emotionally by adopting a proper breathing technique. It is one thing that your mind, body and soul need you to do, and to do it properly. By learning proper breathing techniques, you are giving yourself a tool to help you handle your stressful situations and difficult circumstances better as well as one that will see your overall mental and physical health improving.

You need to adopt a far better way of breathing, called Deep breathing which can increase the body’s cleansing pace by as much as 15 times the normal pace, and this will deliver improvements to your health, physical and mental.

Deep breathing is beneficial to your health in a considerable number of ways, including:

  • An increased amount of oxygen allows the heart rate to slow down.
  • Improves body functioning.
  • Produces a calming effect.
  • Helps to reduce anger, anxiety, depression, fatigue, irritability, muscular tension and stress.

So, let me make this clear. By just focusing on your breathing and practicing good, deep breaths you will gain incredible benefit relieving a great amount of the tension, distress maybe even despair that you feel.

I now want to provide you with a deep breathing technique. I will run you through exactly what you need to do. I want you to commit the 10 minutes it is going to take to try it. This isn’t too much time to commit on this one area that is essential not just for your health but for your wellness.
As breathing is of such fundamental importance to you, and without it, hey you wouldn’t be alive, it makes sense to start breathing well.

I’m going to provide you with this exercise that will help you relax, feel calm and get you to breathe properly. Enjoy it!

Deep Breathing Technique – Exercise

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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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