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The Power of a Business Blog


Blogs offer tremendous power that every small business should make the most of. Business blogs undoubtedly will add a brilliant new dimension to any business.

A Business Blog can play a significant part of your online marketing toolkit. Indeed used correctly it will become a central component of it.

Blogging provides businesses opportunities far beyond that of a typical company static website, because they are less formal, more interactive, and can provide a key source of information as well as offering a dynamic platform for your promotions.

There are lots of very good reasons why so many businesses are using blogging – it’s free, it’s simple and it’s a great way of getting your name out there and building credibility. To expand on these reasons here are a few more to tempt you, if you’re not yet blogging for your business.

Blogs bring traffic. If you’re writing about your industry, you need to be sure you’re doing keyword research. Find out what people are searching for that’s related to your industry. Then use those keywords in your blog posts. The more you write using keyword phrases the more opportunity you’ll have to bring in targeted traffic to your blog via search engines. Blogs can achieve higher rankings and greater visibility on the main Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN because of the updated content, great structure and the focused content which will attract Search Engines and readers alike. When you use the right keywords, just watch the traffic flow.

Blogs give you a stage. Blog posts are a great way to share your knowledge. In any industry those that are viewed as the most knowledgeable tend to be the most trusted. Make yourself stand out by promoting your in depth
knowledge of your topic. Sharing little known tips, tricks, strategies, and tutorials all advance your own credibility. It is a great way to promote yourself and your knowledge. It can help you build your credibility. Your followers will start to perceive you as an expert in your field, and the more good information you can give them, the more they will trust you, and be more likely to buy from you.

Blogs let you make the difference. Blogs provide an excellent way for you to help people. Not only are you providing your knowledge you’re also giving people valuable information that helps them in life, business or whatever. Your tips and tutorials are providing valuable information to people who otherwise may not have known. You are making people’s lives better by giving them important information. Do  you want to make a difference in the world around you, to help people? If you do blogging gives you a brilliant way of doing this.

Blogs get you Noticed. The more helpful your blog posts are the more likely they’ll be passed on or linked to. Twitter and Facebook, and all the other Social Networks. One good blog post can get a lot of distance through the social media platforms. As your resources get noticed you’ll start to build links. People will link to you in their blogs or websites or pass your information on via Facebook or twitter to other who may link to it.

Blogging enables you to build up relationships with your customers.
In this day and age your, customers expect to be able to engage in a dialogue to share their comments, feedback, ideas and concerns. Use feedback or comment forms to start a conversation and don’t worry – you can check and moderate all comments before they go live on your blog. But you are demonstrating to them that you want their feedback. You have the opportunity and the ideal tool to start to open up new and very real communications channels with your customers, prospects, partners and suppliers.

Blogs build your brand. Blogs provide an ideal channel through which to put your brand in front of the customer and communicate what you stand for and helping you strengthen your online position. Brand recognition is extremely important as it plays toward perceptions. Brand loyalty builds word of mouth, which in turn, builds more customers. Blogging helps to build your persona, or personal brand.

Blogs increase sales. Building customers means one thing… you are increasing sales. The more links you get, and the more your blog posts are passed around and/or read, the larger your reach becomes. As your reach grows, your sales grow. Blogging can be a fantastic marketing tool, used correctly.

We offer a variety of blogging service for businesses from designing and setting up your blog (either standalone or integrated into your existing website) to writing and publishing the content (writing your blog posts). We provide a one-stop shop blogging service to businesses. Business Blogs are an exciting way forward for your business,and there potential is awesome, don’t allow yourself to miss out on this opportunity.



About the author: Larry Lewis

Personal Development & Healthy Lifestyle Blogger at Healthy Lifestyles Living which has recently been featured in the Mail On Sunday, Life Coach & Author of Goal Setting Made Easy With The Single Page Plan.

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