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How To Make Sure Life Is The Way You Want, In Time For Your Next Landmark Birthday

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How To Make Sure Life Is The Way You Want, In Time For Your Next Landmark Birthday

I’m going to share a secret, while I am writing this article my next landmark birthday is in:

4 Years
5 Months
20 Days
7 Hours
49 Minutes
12 Seconds

On that day, Friday, 17th June 2022 I will be a young 60 year old.

That’s in 1632 days, 233 weeks, 53 months, 39168 hours

What is far more significant, is thinking about what can I achieve by then, so to assure I can celebrate a truly magnificent life by the time of this landmark birthday. I assure you that I have a vision in my mind, a clear picture of the life I will be living, the person that I am, the things I have done by that point. What I see excites me to the point that I am actually looking forward to this landmark birthday, not dreading it in the least.

I’ve set my targets and am working towards them. I know I hold the power within myself to create exactly the picture I see.

It drives me every day, its truly empowering.

Are you also as excited about your next landmark birthday? Have you set yourself targets of where your life will be, who you’ll be with, what will you be doing, where will you live. An exciting motivating picture that drives you out of bed every morning. One that removes any fear of this ageing process.

Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art. Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

Sometimes it’s not easy to face the realities of life.

Worse is having no expectations for your future.

Using the incredible power of visualisation can make the difference between living a life of quiet desperation or living a life full of success and happiness. Imagining life having worked out the best it can be, better than most will ever hope for, one of amazing success and happiness, filled with love and excitement, achieved by a date in the future, particular one on a landmark birthday, will empower every day in between now and then.

Don’t get to this next landmark birthday looking back at missed opportunities with regret.

Whether twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty or seventy what matters is you have done your utmost to make the preceding years lead you to the life you want to be living, with pride and happiness.

Ask yourself this … what can I achieve by my <landmark birthday>? How do I want my life to be? What do I want to have done, been, and had? What do I want to have achieved?

You would be amazed about what you could achieve in 1,2,3,4,5 or more years when guided by a clear picture of your future.

Why not begin visualizing and thinking about what you do want, instead of what you don’t want? In fact, whether you even believe this will work or not, you know for sure it can’t hurt anything, so why not give it a try? Getting your mind on-board with the possibility that you’re capable of more.

Those who improve with age embrace the power of personal growth and personal achievement and begin to replace youth with wisdom, innocence with understanding, and lack of purpose with self-actualization. Bo Bennett

Have you ever tried to visualize your life as though it was perfect? We are all born with an awesome power which alas most of us have never been taught to use effectively. We may dabble with it, picturing ourselves sunbathing on a beach or driving the cars of our dreams. But this power lies dormant within you.

Everyone can use the power of visualization. For it to work, you must have a really clear picture in your mind, absolutely vivid and real. It will make you feel as if you were there already. You power it up by spending a few minutes every morning picturing this ‘perfect life.’

Visualization is really quite simple. You sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and imagine — in as vivid detail as you can — what you would be looking at if the dream you have were already realized. Imagine being inside of yourself, looking out through your eyes at the ideal result.

Now go create the perfect life as it will be on your next landmark birthday.

Ps. Once you have this perfect life landmark birthday vision in your mind, create your single page plan for life to ensure you set about doing everything necessary to achieve it. Go download the template here

photo credit: suzyhazelwood DSC00616-02 via photopin (license)


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