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How Do You Go About Creating A Vision For Your Future?

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Do you actually know what you want to achieve with your life or is it time for you to get started on creating a vision for your future? Do you have a dream, a vision or a big hairy audacious goal? I’m sure when you were younger you did? Maybe you wanted to be a pilot, a soldier, or your dream simply saw you married to the perfect partner and having children, perhaps you wanted to travel the world. We all at some point in our lives dream of our future filled with happiness and success; love and accomplishment; contribution and meaning.

Alas somewhere on your journey through life you’ve forgotten your dream and why it was so important, instead you’ve lost your way and life feels as though you’re fighting a losing battle, struggling day to day,

The reason for this is simple. Life without a big dream is nothing more than a hollow existence with no meaning or purpose.

When was the last time you spent thinking about:

• The life events you want to experience in the future
• The values you want to represent through your life
• The things and people you want to champion
• The adventures you want to enjoy
• The impact you want to make on the world
• Creating a vision to direct your life

Once you start thinking about these things you are well on your way to begin creating a vision that inspires you to live your dreams. You will be setting things in motion to revitalize your life and focused on doing the things needed to achieve this vision.

I know hard it is to look ahead when your current world is so bleak. How difficult it is to see further than your immediate problems, when every thinking minute seems to be wrapped up dealing with problems and having had to accept your life falling apart. When life gets so hard, where so much goes wrong it can be difficult to see anything other than the difficulties facing us. But when we can draw our dreams from within us and begin creating a vision, this can spur us to get back on our feet and strive forward to the attainment of our dreams.

For success and happiness to be yours you need to take control of your future, shaping your destiny creating a vision of life the way you want it to be. Using the analogy of a boxer, we have all seen times where a boxer hits the deck, flattened by a knockout punch, but somehow raises himself back to his feet, shakes off the grogginess within him, to then go on to glorious victory. He is kept strong by his belief from within that he will be a champion, and victory is a step on the road that’s his to take.

Isn’t this better than just letting things keep happening to you, put up no fight, and let fate decide where you end up. I assure you this won’t be the place you’ve ever dreamed of. So, taking control of your destiny, being responsible for everything you do and those things that from now on happen to you, will empower your life and give you the best chance of getting to where you want to be.

Dreams to me have always been the catalyst behind everything I’ve achieved. The house that I owned had been painted in my mind many years before I bought it. The first time I stood on stage was something I’d visualized 100’s of times before. All my successes had been part of my dreams and that was something that was essential for me to remember when I went through my life being turned upside down. If I could dream before and create my dreams into reality, well why couldn’t I do it all over again.

When you hold a dream in your mind that excites you, it charges you up and makes you try to put things into place that will help you achieve this picture. By creating a vision for your future, you will then be able to plan the steps you need to take to make it a reality.

Alas to often people don’t believe there is any point in dreaming or creating a vision for a better future. They only see more disappointment and failure ahead. How sad!

Maybe you’ve decided it’s best to play safe. Work hard in a dead-end job, not the one you want to be doing, give up on finding your soul mate, focusing on surviving day by day instead of chasing those impossible dreams. Although whether they are possible or impossible you’ll never know because you won’t try to achieve them.

I know once you create a picture in your mind of the life you want to live, creating a vision to inspire you, and then determine the path that will get you there, things will begin to change dramatically. You will be inspired, motivated, knowing what it is you want and determined to get it. Isn’t that the way you want life to be, isn’t that better than it is now?

No matter how bad things may be, what disappointments you’ve already experienced, tomorrow is a new day, yet to be created. Creating a vision of your future and following the plan designed to get you there is far better and safer than leaving it to lady luck.

Today, you can make a start creating a vision of your future by devoting no more than 20 minutes on visualizing the life you want, believe that you can have it and truly believe in yourself. This is so important if you want to be successful in life.

Learning how to visualize is a crucial step in receiving what you want out of life. By visualizing your goals and dreams every day you retain the motivation you need to carry on trying to bring them into reality. Creating your vision for the future and visualizing it every day will empower you like nothing else possibly could.

So how to visualize?

Start out by creating a vivid picture in your mind of you already having achieved your goals. Really make yourself feel the emotions as if they were happening right now.

So here is what to do:

Close your eyes and relax, but don’t fall asleep!

Take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Take 5 minutes to imagine a warm wave of relaxation moving down your body, relaxing each muscle in your body from head to toe.

Now visualize your dream scene and focus on it. Use all senses while imagining your brilliant future.

Visualize every single detail: When you visualize a goal or a dream make sure you visualize all possible details. For example, let’s suppose you are visualizing your future house. Try to move in the house, see how each room looks like, touch some of the furniture and see how it feels like to sit on a certain chair. The more detailed your dream is the more passionate you will become about it

The more you practice visualizing, the more likely you are to succeed. Make this the first day of the rest of your life as you use the power of visualization to really make your dreams come true.

Life coaching can help you create your dream of the future you want to live. Your dream will provide you with the route map for your life that will help you achieve your goals and successfully create and live the life you really want. Working with a coach and setting goal setting is all about creating a life you want. Let me help you create a vision of your ideal life, a dream for your life, and set goals to get you there. Try a totally FREE discovery session to see how I can help you! Find out more.

photo credit: Jim Mullhaupt October 14th Sunset via photopin (license)


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