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What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

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I will be writing a lot of articles on search engine optimisation (SEO) so it makes sense to start at the beginning.

What is SEO?

Put simply search engine optimization is the process in which a webmaster can improve the rankings of a website or web page for a specific keyword or phrase. It’s only applicable to organic (natural or un-paid) search results.

There are many ways one can improve their search rankings. You can make sure your page is search engine friendly (this is on-site optimisation) and you can control how other websites link to your page or site (this is off-site optimisation).

There is a general rule for Search Engine Optimization and this is the 80/20 rule. Spend 20% of your allocated time for SEO on optimizing your web page (on-site optimisation) and spend the remaining 80% of your time on doing things on other websites (off-site optimisation).

It is a well known fact search engines give more weight to information you cant control. This is why a search engine will look at how other websites link to you in order to determine what your website or web page is about. Knowing how to manipulate this information is key to improving your search engine results and I will be discussing some of the techniques I use in later articles.

Remember, SEO is all about making your website or page appeal to the search engines for a particular keyword or keyphrase. I will be discussing what a keyword is in my next article.

Until then, take care.


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