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Are You Looking For A Certified Life Coach Online?

Are you looking for a certified life coach online? The beauty of the online Web is that it allows you to find a coach anywhere in the world who can work with you. The down side is with life coaching being unregulated you could end up with a coach who really isn’t qualified to help you. This is something you need to avoid. Undoubtedly they’ll have the best intentions, but neither the qualifications, training or experience.

If you are looking for a life coach who can help you create your fullest and best life possible then it’s important you choose a certified, fully qualified, professional life coach, not a well-intentioned friend.

It’s also important to remember that life coaches are not regulated. There are numerous coach training programs across the country, but no one national standard for certification. Associations like the International Coach Federation have their own credentialing programs, but there is no requirement for anyone who wants to practice life coaching to take part.

Every coach will have certificates from their training body. Equally of importance I feel is the testimonials they receive from their existing or past clients. As long as these are genuine.

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Wherever you live in the world however bad life may be right now you will be able to find a life coach online who will have the skills knowledge and ability to support you in transforming your life.

So what is a coach, and what is coaching? This is our definition: A coach is someone who helps another person reach higher effectiveness by creating a dialogue that leads to awareness and action. By creating the space to step back, look in the mirror, and grapple with the tough questions, a coach helps a person examine and deal with their reactions to obstacles and, in a sense, “get out of their own way” as they achieve better results, in a more efficient manner.

How many times have you set goals and been frustrated? What if you could create goals in a way that would move you forward faster? Do you want more success and happiness?

You must never allow yourself to feel defeated by life circumstances, or to be complacent about our current situation. If you seek out opportunities you can improve any aspect of your life, be that your career, your relationships, your health or even your social life.

Coaching at its very best creates an amazing relationship where two people work together in an ongoing, supportive partnership that brings out the very best in the coachee. Coaching moves the client forward in all aspects of their life. With the help of a coach, a results-orientated professional, people get powerful, measurable, and often sensational results. Far better than they can do on their own.

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own”
Benjamin Disraeli

What should you look out for when searching for a life coach online?

1. What life coaching qualifications does a life coach have?

Check out what qualifications the life coach you are looking at hiring has. Are they creditable? For example, I am a fully qualified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and a member of the Association for Coaching group.

2. What is their website like?

If you are looking for an online life coach then it makes sense that they should have a good website right? Now by this I don’t mean does the website have lots of bells and whistles and have really nice flash animations etc. There are certain things a genuine life coach will have (or should have) on their website. These are:

Contact Information. This should be more than just an online contact form. You should also make sure they have a valid physical address as well as a contact phone number.

Security Built In. When making any kind of transaction you need to make sure your personal information is safe and secure. I’m lucky as my business partner is one of those techie geeks and he ensures my website is always running smoothly and you may have noticed the entire website (not just the checkout pages) uses the https/ssl 256bit encryption protection we have all become accustom to when judging if we should hand over our credit card details.

A Blogging Platform. Having a blog is a good indication to the quality of your life coach and it shows they have a lot of knowledge about their given subject or speciality. Not only do I have my own life coaching blog here at, I’m also the founder and resident blogger at Healthy Lifestyles Living, an excellent healthy lifestyle and personal development blog dealing with healthy lifestyle issues ranging from diet all the way through to stress management.

A Free Session. An introductory session is essential for you to know if a life coach is right for you. If you can’t have a free session before you buy any life coaching package then move onto your next coach :-).

3. Do they have a social media presence?

Check out if the life coach has a social media presence. Can you find them on Facebook, Twitter or Linked-In? Do they have a good following? Are they an authority? These are all good flags to ensuring your coach is fully qualified to handle your coaching needs. For the record you can find me at the following social media sites:

4. Do they have genuine client testimonials?

A good life coach will have built a good client base in some shape or form while training and coaching real people. It can be difficult for a life coach to get testimonials from clients due to privacy and confidentiality issues. My testimonials come from my successful course “The Compass for Life” which took place in 2014. Due to the popularity and success of this one-to-one life coaching program I might be bringing it back sometime in the near future!

All the points listed above result to one main key to choosing the right coach. Can you contact them directly? If the answer is yes then chances are they are a “qualified” life coach as they have nothing to hide. The only thing I recommend you do now is go and talk to several coaches and see which one you click with the most. Feel free to take the time right now to book your free session with me and lets see how I can help you.

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