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The Blogger Met The Geek Then Everything Changed…

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Larry’s a good blogger, a very good blogger. He’s read all the books done the courses and made many mistakes on his way to developing his online business. Very much down to his personal development training he never lost sight of his goal and knew one day he would develop the business he wanted online. He then met Neil, for want of a better word, Neil is a techie. Then everything changed. Neil had built a business around SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). He worked in the corporate market helping businesses to get their online presence noticed. And at one of these corporate clients their paths crossed. Neil was hired as a consultant to provide his SEO services and Larry came in and set them up a blog and everything that went with it. They realised that they were coming at virtually the same project from completely different places and then decided to join forces and see what a difference they could make.

In the background always remained the personal development philosophy that was Larry’s passion. Neil was a typical background person. He would go nowhere near Facebook or Twitter or any social engagements. He was never happy communicating with others and was only ever in his comfort zone when sitting at a keyboard. Yet Larry was always happy to talk to anyone, and loved nothing better than when he was talking on stage to an audience. Larry on the other hand was never comfortable doing WordPress programming, spending time re-designing his blog front page or any of the technical stuff, yet he loves writing articles and sharing his knowledge on his subjects. Neil again was the total opposite.

They say opposites attract. They pulled their resources and set about creating an online business. Now they have a number of blogs, and an online shop or two. They have built their coaching practice for both personal development and blogging.

Larry and Neil both shared a secret that bought them to the point where they knew what needed to be done. They both shared unknowingly the same goal. They want to create a location independent lifestyle. They want to be able to work from anywhere in the world that they wish to be. This has brought them to the point where they now can both concentrate full time on blogging. Things are going great. Their dream is not to travel the world with a rucksack but to find a beautiful location overlooking a beach where they can lay the foundations for their new family homes. They are well on course to do this.

They now want to pass their knowledge onto others and be there for them to support their efforts. They are now bringing everything they know and all of their skills and offering them to anybody that wants to create a successful online business. As well as providing them with the personal development skills to bring their level of fulfilment through the roof. So through the teaching of personal development, blogging, e-commerce shops and their knowledge of the world wide web all wrapped up with a coaching philosophy they can give you all the answers.

They have developed a 12 week course designed to get you into the perfect mind-set for an online entrepreneur,  giving you the tools to help build your website, blog, E-commerce shop, and plenty more to enable you and your business to flourish.

Here is a brief overview of what you will be going through over the 12 weeks.

•           Week 1 – Your Personal Development Plan

•           Week 2 – Overview of what you need to set up for an online presence

•           Week 3 – Setting up your website, shop and blog

•           Week 4 – Setting up your blog and social networking sites

•           Week 5 – The mentality of a successful online business person

•           Week 6 – Monetisation – Setting up your site for advertising

•           Week 7 – The technical bit – Understanding the whole process

•           Week 8 – Time management & scheduling what’s important

•           Week 9 – Putting in content

•           Week 10 – Generating traffic

•           Week 11 – Analysing your progress and acting like big kids when competing

•           Week 12 – The secrets

•           Bonus Module 13 – Internet Marketing by John Jarvis

The world is changing drastically. Gone are the days of long-term employment and job security. An online business has become increasingly attractive, as well as a viable proposition for many. But there it is not a get rich quick method that some out there want you to believe.

For most people it is not possible to hire a personal development coach, or an online business building coach, and that’s why together Larry and Neil have developed this course to give you the proven, practical, powerful techniques and exercises that both personal development coaching and online business coaching would bring you, without spending  thousands of pounds or dollars per year to get them.

With them at your side, teaching and encouraging you, you will learn how to set goals and priorities, analyse yourself and identify your personal strengths; and eliminate tasks and activities so you can concentrate on the things that are most valuable to you and your online business. You soon will be able to apply everything they give you to improve your own personal development and your online business.

Their aim is to enable you to achieve personal balance in your life while at the same time obtaining financial success from your online business. This course and the personal support they will provide will teach you the exact steps to take to create massive growth in your online business and create the positive mind set to support you.

Larry says “My goal has for as long as I can remember been to do something that I feel passionate about and to make a difference in the world. Something I have known for a long time is that personal development and business development go hand-in-hand. Through this course I have the chance to use everything I know, and help others succeed both in business and in life. It’s a very exciting time!”

So if you want to create an online business that can be run from anywhere in the world and develop a positive mindset to make life so much better, just go and take a look at the details of the course, or make contact with them.



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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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