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Bringing Balance To Your Life

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Bringing Balance To Your Life

At the beginning of this week I wrote a blog titled carpe diem and talked about the importance of living life as though each day was your last. This got me to think about the book I’m writing and the online course I’m launching called the Single Page Plan.

It has made me realise even more the value this is going to offer to people. The core message is to follow a specific very easy process to achieve all of your goals, but a key element is that it ensures alignment between your goals, the areas of your life that need improving and the specific changes you want to bring about.

As I said in the previous post it is essential that you give time to all those things that are truly important to you. The single page plan gets you to review your past 365 days and analyse where life finds you in the present. You will find areas where you haven’t been performing well whether it’s your finances health relationships or another key area. You will then determine what you need to change in order to improve these.

Looking at my life as if I only had a short time to live I said I’d want to complete writing my book and publishing it, spend quality time with my loved ones and travel to some of the incredible places this world has to offer. Three very specific areas completely different to each other and that therefore will take a lot of attention to make sure I give equal time and effort to each. This is vital not just to focus on one area but all those that matter. This is a fundamental part of my goal planning process.

You will having analysed your life have thought about those most important changes you need to make to bring about improvements in your life, then you will attach each of these to your short term targets. You will have 4 goals supporting the 4 changes you will want to bring about. This ensures you are creating a balance in your life that will ensure the results you achieve will bring about significant improvements.

Many of us work hard to provide a greater quality of life for ourselves and our families, yet the price we pay is often making sacrifices physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In this insightful, life changing program, you will learn how to be more effective and efficient at work, balance all areas of your life including home and career; have the opportunity to discover what is truly important in your life; learn how to achieve all your goals and improving the key areas of your life.

Signs that you may be living an unbalanced life include: always working, not eating properly, never exercising or taking care of your health, bringing your personal life to work or your work into your personal life, never taking time for activities that are fun or promote your personal growth, and  never taking time to live in the moment!

So even though you may have achieved some important goals before, it has been at the cost of something else that is important to you. That is one of the many reasons the single page plan is so good, it makes sure that not only do you balance your goals but you also get to see clearly what you are setting out to do and how to do it. It gives you a reminder of all the things that are important to you, keeping you duty bound to living life in balance.

Are you spending enough time to supporting your needs as a whole person? You can figure out where your hours go and choose to spend them differently. You need to plan to bring balance back into your life and nurture each part of your whole being

Bringing balance to your life is one of the most important things you must do if you want to be comfortable, successful and fulfilled.

Now tell me whether you are working on creating a healthy balance in your life?.-

If you’d like to take a look at the Single Page Plan you’ll find the link here.


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I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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