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Lessons from Failure

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Lessons from Failure

For most people life is too often filled with chaos, and the need to overcome difficulties, yet the lesson we all need to learn is to experience these challenges which come your way as an opportunity to learn something new.

Are you struggling with some failure in your personal life? Do not let the events of life make you think that because you have failed, you are a failure. A failure is someone who refuses to learn from failures. In those painful moments of personal failure all of us have learned some of the greatest lessons of life.

Failure can teach us many valuable lessons. Many who have failed have gone on to create rich, rewarding and meaningful lives.

Henry Ford, pioneer of the auto industry, we all know who he is, went bankrupt several times before he became a millionaire. He failed but he certainly was not a failure.

The key is to realize that we can all grow and cultivate new ways of being and doing that can enhance our lives, despite and together with whatever difficulties we’re facing.

After my personal disasters I couldn’t have been more dejected or confused. I spent most of my time being ashamed of my failure – of my bankruptcy, house repossession, of being broke and of failing in business. I looked in the mirror and saw only one thing: a failure.

Many of the most important things I’ve ever learned have come from my extremely difficult times. I didn’t know it at the time as it’s hard to see the lessons when we’re going through the pain and hardship of the moment. But it’s there.

During my dark time I lost so much, but using what I learnt from that time has enabled me to completely change direction and go on and rebuild my life.

I now use everything that I learnt from my experiences to impact and empower others so they can go on and improve their own lives. I’m not saying I’ve fully recovered but I am close to being where I want to be and have been brave enough to make many hard decisions.

Recently I stopped my fast growing ecommerce business because I came to the realisation, at the bedside of my mother at her death, that it wasn’t the path I wanted to take. Giving up on it has financially been incredibly painful, but knowing it is to ensure I follow my destined path has been very fulfilling.

What now drives me is the way I impact the lives of others. Having some of those I coach saying how they want to be able to do what I do for them with other just demonstrates to me how my life is now so much on the right lines. Not only has life coaching helped me change my own life, but it’s helped me to change the lives of others.

Now it also seems it will help even more people get their life on track by those I coach becoming coaches themselves. I’m excited to now being back to being a coach, changing lives, making the difference.

The main lesson I want everyone to learn is no matter the tremendous pain they may suffer from events that take part in their life, not only can you cope with what happens but also learn and grow from it.

A life purpose is a single sentence that sums up what we consider most important in life and serves as a compass to guide all our actions. Living your life purpose means being the best of yourself and there is no greater feeling. When you have no purpose it is easy to feel like you are failing.

Defining your life purpose is the most important thing for a full and rewarding life. Having a life purpose makes dealing with adversity so much easier! When you are living your life purpose any obstacle that shows up is just another part of the path that you know you are meant to be on. It changes the hard times into valuable resources that give you wisdom and inspiration to fulfill your purpose. I stopped looking at my own hardship as a failure or an injustice and started seeing it as a clue that would give me the strength to do what I am meant to do.

I like to think of my life purpose as the ultimate guide for my life. It is made up of my unique traits, my values, and my mission. From this, I am able to easily derive goals, line up actions, and make decisions quickly and confidently. I have based my life purpose on what brings me joy in life. Because of this, just reading it fires me up and fuels me each and every day.

Your life purpose should trigger a strong obsession within you. It should trigger creative thoughts, drive you to establish huge, ambitious goals, and make you excited to be alive. Having this sort of passion and obsession will almost certainly result in incredibly outstanding results and success, regardless of what you decide to do.

Your life purpose will serve as the basis for how you lead your life. Your goals and actions will all be aligned with your life purpose. Your behaviors, values, choices, and joy will all also work in concert with your life purpose.

Every one of us can learn from our experiences and use what we’ve learnt to improve our lives. I have used my own life lessons to create a self-improvement course which is already changing lives and will impact more and more people over the years. Those that have taken it so far are already finding it life changing, and for me it has made my life’s purpose not only so clear to me, but incredibly fulfilling.

I have taken everything I now know and laid it out in a way that allows anyone to build up their life from wherever they may be at the start, Let me share with you the lessons I teach, and you may be able to use them to guide you.

1. A Brief Trip To Your Past
To prepare for your journey to a better and brighter future you have to make sure that your past no longer holds you back. Secondly, there are no coincidences in life, and therefore you will be able to find clues to your best way forward hidden and ignored from those things that have happened to you in the past.

2. Where are You in Life?
You need to wake up to where life finds you right now. It’s your starting point, the place you are setting out from on this journey to rebuild your life. So it’s time to be honest with yourself and bring clarity to where you are.

3. What do you want?
This is the time to start dreaming once again. When you have no idea where you want to go, who you want to be, what you want to do the likelihood is where ever it is you end up will not be a place you want to go. So to give life direction it is key to set yourself goals, as I say in the course, point your compass to exactly where you want to go.

4. Your Vehicle for Reinvention
You need to determine your personal resources that bring out the very best in who you are, these will include your values, talents, skills, experiences and learnt knowledge. You are most effective, do the best work, and enjoy life the most when you leverage all that you’re best at.

5. Overcoming Obstacles
Nothing can stop you now, or that is what you have to ensure. You need to resolve any of the problems that keep you from doing the things you want to do and being the kind of person you want to be, either now or on the road ahead of you. Overcoming your fears and limiting beliefs are tough problems we face, but have to be overcome to achieve success and happiness.

6. Loving Yourself
Loving yourself is essential for you to create and enjoy the kind of life you want. You need to see yourself as worthy. You cannot enjoy either success or happiness if you are not at peace with yourself. For life to work out the way you want, it is essential that you be your best ally.

7. Have the Right Mindset
You have got to get your mind right. The thoughts in your head, the place you put your focus are key to your success. No longer allow your mind to focus on your problems or negativity, instead bring your thoughts to positivity and believing in the outcome you can achieve.

8. Fuel for your Body
To operate at your best, you must nourish your mind, body and spirit regularly. No longer can you put off doing the things necessary to bring out the best in you, such as Exercise, Healthy Eating, Energising yourself and Stress Management.

9. Passion, Purpose and Cause
By finding your true calling doing a job you love, your whole life will benefit. It’s time for you to achieve the greatness inside of you and fulfil your destiny. Life is simply fantastic once you have allowed your life to be driven by a vision and mission statement, and following your purpose.

10. Make your plan of action
To get where you want to go you need to plan and prepare. You need to develop an action plan defining the specific steps you need to take to get the life you desire. It will provide you with a roadmap for your journey, providing you a clear path with a direction and a destination.

11. Take Action
You’re going to have to release the brakes, put your foot down on the accelerator and start moving forward in life to where you want to be. This necessitates taking action, doing something constructive every day.

12. Your Metamorphosis
Now go on to transform your life, knowing nothing can stop you and stay determined and committed to your dreams and create yourself a brilliant life.

So there you have it, the lessons I learnt on the journey from failure to success that I now am teaching others through my course.

If you would like any more information or learn more on my ‘Compass for Life’ Course, which begins on this Friday, September 26th, go and check it out at the Reinvention University and get started so I can help you to rebuild your life better than it’s been before .


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