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I am absolutely certain that each of us are born with one natural gift that makes us special. Unfortunately many people will go throughout their lives never waking up to what this gift is.

It’s like everything else in life, if we don’t spend time trying to discover the answer we will never find it. We also need to be persistent in our desire to find what it is because it’s very rarely easy to work out exactly what the answer is.

You will find many skills and strengths that you possess. But this gift is the one that just comes naturally to you. You excel at it but never have to force it to work. It’s just there for you all the time waiting for you to call upon it.

I found it difficult to determine out of all my strengths which was my god given gift the one thing that could propel my life.

There are many things that I’ve always seen as my shall we call them talents.

I am a good speaker. I can perform in front of an audience and get a good response.

I’m a descent writer and have attracted a fair number of people to my blogs and received very positive feedback.

I was a popular and successful gym instructor

I achieved success as a marketer in various fields particularly the fitness and leisure industry.

I’m a good conversationalist who can certainly talk but also a good listener.

I came to realise how important it was for me to discover my gifts, to value them, and then act on manifesting and living them fully every day of my life.

Having no formula to provide the answer for me I had to put in a lifetime of learning through self discovery to find the answer. Eventually the answer came to me as clear as anything could. It was one of those wow moments, where suddenly I saw the place that i performed not just at my best but where I was most connected and happy.

It made a lot of thinks make sense. For example I’d been saying to Loddy how frustrating I was finding it being disconnected from my old blogging friends, and others whom I talked with frequently. So much of my time had been spent building our ecommerce business that I had to distance myself from interaction. I missed it, and in fact felt very unfulfilled. He reminded me that much of what I did was inspire others through talking to them to believe in themselves and their possibilities and I got them to get up and take action. This should have given me the answer straight away.

But you reading this are already saying, less talk about you Larry, how do we figure out what our natural gifts are? Well it’s those things others can’t do, that we do easily, that reflect our natural gifts. It’s that thing when you do it that you immediately say ‘when do I get to do this again.’ You can’t wait to do it again. Your gift generates yearnings , a spontaneous reaction from within, and a drive to repeat the behaviour or feeling.

It just happens naturally. You never have to force it. It seems to happen with its own volition. It feels good! It works!

Going back to myself this is what I was able to determine about me, my strength, my natural gift:

People have often said am the kind of person that from a simple conversation can process a lot of information quickly and get to the-meat-of-the-matter. I then usually can advise them what is their best course of action. I encourage, inspire and motivate many who I speak with and help bring out their very best.

Are you curious about what you excel at? Do you wonder what professions you could be great at?

Your gifts and talents define the tasks, jobs and careers you have the natural ability to be great at. When you tap into or develop your natural gifts, you can achieve amazing results that lead to being handsomely paid to do the work you love.

Think back over your entire life. Think about what you have consistently been great at, as well as past skills you were recognized for and what you did really well as a child. Include what other people have told you were your gifts and talents.

You want to create a list of your gifts and talents that inspire you and make you feel that you have a good, basic understanding of the things you excel at.. With these gifts can you see how it relates to your calling, or a profession you have thought about. Let me provide you a small list to see whether your gift springs to mind having read through this once.

1. Pioneer, Explorer, Discoverer, Inventor & Visionary – exploring, envisioning, discovering, imagining
2. Nurturer, Caregiver, Counselor, Advisor & Developer – counseling, supporting, developing, helping, nurturing
3. Artist, Writer, Performer, Actor, Musician & Expressive – expressing, writing, illustrating, acting, speaking
4. Planner, Designer, Builder, Organizer & Manager – organizing, managing, constructing
5. Adventurer, Warrior, Cowboy & Protector – adventuring, hunting, protecting, guarding
6. Teacher, Healer, Knowledge Worker – illuminating, explaining, informing, healing, easing, balancing, thriving
7. Researcher, Scientist, Journalist, Philosopher – researcher – investigating, analyzing, documenting
8. Executive, Owner, Founder, Director, Administrator – directing, administering, founding
9. Guide, Mentor, Sage, Humanitarian, World Leader, Philanthropist – assisting, enlightening, revealing, uplifting, mentoring.

You should now have something resonating within you taking you towards your natural gifts. I know for me number 9 shone through. I won’t make it to world leader, but hopefully a man that makes the difference to those lives he touches.



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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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