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Never Give Up Hope

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My story is one that demonstrates you must never give up hope.  Today you will find me chilling out by the pool at the Baecelo Hotel and Resort in Lanzarote. The sun is glorious and I so love the feel of it on my body.

I used to take my holidays for granted. Twice a year we would head off for our 2 weeks in the sun family time. Our beach holiday would normally be Turkey and our more active would take in Disney Florida.

After all my troubles holidays came a thing of the past. Up until January 2013 I hadn’t been away for 4 Years and at times I felt that I’d never get away again. But I never gave up hope that what I was doing was leading me in the right direction and would afford me the type of lifestyle I’d enjoyed previously.

So I’m sitting here listening to the buzz around the pool soaking up the rays of the sun while doing what only a blogger would do and that’s write a post.
I’m thinking about the route I’ve taken to once again enjoy having both the time and money to get away.

1. Found my belief once again

For a time I virtually had given up on myself and gave up hope that my life could amount to much. I lived life simply in survival mode. It took my eye problem and time in a hospital bed to wake me up to my opportunities and possibilities. I realised how stupid I was being and knew that having built a very successful business and great lifestyle I could do it again. I found that so important ingredient for success, belief in myself. It helped me find the way to never give up hope.

2. Find what you love to do

For too long I had done what I thought was the right thing in my work but took no satisfaction or enjoyment from what I was doing. I felt obliged to keep something going that in truth should of been put out its misery long before. I love interacting with people, helping them sharing my knowledge and passion for personal development. Through life coaching and blogging I get to do this and make a living from it.

3. Create your platform

I work online and have created my platform where I am able to get my message over to many and interact with them. My blogs are my platform from which I can market myself and share information. They are support to my ecommerce shops from which I sell products I trust and use myself. Then of course I have my social networks and I particularly enjoy using twitter, facebook and Google plus through each I have made many new friends and clients.

4. Determination and persistence

Your mindset is either your ally or your enemy. Never give up hope and never stop trying. To get where I have has taken a lot of hard work and many mistakes on the way. But I have been resolute in my determination to finish of what I’ve started. I’ve stuck with it no matter how difficult the obstacles have been. You have to persist which is made much easier when you believe in yourself and you love what you do.

5. Don’t go it alone

For a while I found myself pretty much struggling on my own and things were really difficult. It meant I couldn’t focus on those things I was good at. Then things turned around. Sharon and her daughter Rachel were able to take over the running of the gym which freed me up. Then I met Neil together with whom I have been able to build what I have online. Without him what I achieved would have been impossible, and the same can be said of Rachel who freed me up from having to work in the gym. Then there is Loddy who shares my love for personal development and our conversations frequently turn into mastermind sessions and we both keep each other focused on our ultimate aim to inspire others to achieve success. What I’ve learnt is you have to have a support group to bring out the best in you.

6. Fun and Profits

I think it was Tim Ferris who used the expression fun and Profit. How many people go through life doing a job they hate just to make ends meet. They look forward to getting through to the weekends to get a break from the tedium of work. For me every day brings something new and often our work day will see us having fun. There is nothing wrong providing a fantastic product or service and charging for it. Profit is a necessity of business not a vice.

7. Never settle for failure

To many of you are settling for a life of mediocrity while others have hit rock bottom having met failure head on. Failure never need be final unless you allow it to be. No matter what has come about you can rebuild, recover and prosper if you refuse to settle for less.

Take it from me, there’s every reason to never give up hope and once you put your energies into the right place you can make your life great.

Back to tanning my body for me.


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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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