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Give Yourself Time To Advance As A Blogger

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People are described as lucky when they seem to move ahead faster and go further in a shorter period of time than others. Whenever someone rises to the top of their field and achieve great things with their life, people who are not doing as well will often say their success is down to luck.

In fact it is often the result of taking charge of your life and creating your own future, rather than waiting for it to happen to you. When you take charge you begin to experience more and more events that the average person dismisses as luck.

I am one of those bloggers who blog because I have something to say. I want to share my thoughts, knowledge and passions with others. That is what I have always done through my Healthy Lifestyles Living Blog.

I have established my self as a blogger. I have along way to go to get up to the level of a Darren Rowse or John Chow, but I am on the path that I set out to be.

To me my blog is a success. I’ve produced a lot of content, and have established myself a solid basis of authority, an expert in my subject matter and have a good amount of daily traffic.

The only thing that has changed, is I no longer just blog about healthy lifestyles living or personal development. They were my two specialist subject when I entered the blogosphere. They still are, as well as being very much my passion. But now I have one new subject, that I am both knowledgeable about, and have a passion for. And that is Blogging.

This site is where I now write most of my posts about the subject of Blogging. So, today I just want to provide you with a few, simple tips, that if you use them, you and your blog will advance in the blogging world.

Tip 1: Provide great content to your readers. When it comes down to it, the key to any blog is your content. People come to your blog to read what you have to say. So it’s best if you start to write articles that represent you, your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes. Be yourself when you write. Tell people what you think. They’re either going to love you or hate you, but they’ll read you. Provide truly great content. There’s no point blogging if you don’t like doing it as it will be obvious from what you write that it’s a chore. You need to be passionate about whatever it is you’re writing about and be enthusiastic about writing so that passion will really come across in your blog posts.

Tip 2: Make Yourself Stand Out from The Crowd. There are a hell of a lot of blogs out there, and bloggers. They’re all after readership and traffic. You have to get yourself noticed. With so many competing for attention, you’ve got to rise above everyone else. You need to get out there and mingle. Contribute in your social networking group, commenting on other blogs, making your mark where ever you can.

Tip 3: Stay True to Your Passion. Don’t sell out to anyone. Be the authentic you. Even if you decide you want to make money from blogging, don’t allow this to change what you do, You have attracted your readers by the type of blog you write. By staying true to your voice you will climb up the ladder of blogging success. People will come to know you for what and who you are. Maintain this no matter what. Keep to your niche in the main, it’s your area of knowledge, it’s what you love writing about, so there should never be a reason to stop.

Tip 4: Put Your All Into It. You excel at what you are passionate about. Your performance is not merely good; it is outstanding. Through your knowledge and love of your subject you stimulate, engage, and energise your readers. Your enthusiasm is contagious. This is the way it has to be. It’s the difference between top bloggers and everyone else who blogs. Make sure you set your own performance benchmarks at the highest level, and keep them there. Your motivation should be, fuelled by your realisation that your talents, developed properly, will lead you to realize your most treasured goals and dreams.

Tip 5: Be Patient & Persistent. One thing to know is that your reader base does not happen overnight. It will take a little time to get to know people and what they are interested in, before you make become successful with your blog. Just have fun and allow you blog to develop. With some effort and a little time, your readership will develop into loyal, interested friends.

Tip 6: Learn everything you can. One of the advantages I have is that I love to learn and don’t stop when I make a mistake. I work really hard to learn from my mistakes and figure out what the better course of action would be for the next time. You are going to do things wrong, but you just have to keep going and keep learning. The only was yo develop, is to learn from your mistakes. My saying is that I never repeat the same mistake twice, I make sure I learn what it told me the first time.

You never know what you’re capable of until you actually do it – blogging is no different. Just hang in there, and put your knowledge into action – you’ll be amazed at the results.

Let me know what you think through the comment section.



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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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