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Building a UK Blogging Community

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When I started blogging, I didn’t have a clue about the  “community” you could find made up of other bloggers. The closest I got to seeing a community in action was when seeing people commenting on other blogs, but to me, that’s all they were; comments. Little did I know comments are often a big part of a blog community.

I learnt about blogging community soon after my arrival on facebook. I found myself chatting with a couple of blogger, one who was also from the UK, who I have recently written on my main blog was the lady responsible for my initial growth in the blogosphere. Well resulting from that chat, this lady said let’s create a new facebook group for bloggers. I suddenly found myself in a group called Blogplicity. There were a wide variety of bloggers that joined blogplicity, from all parts of the world. The interaction was brilliant, and the support unsurpassed.  I attribute much of my success to this one place. Blogplicity and the people in it were my friends, supporters and teachers.

Two of those people themselves are going on to create a brilliant group in the blogosphere They are Alejandro Guzman and  Jessica Brant.. There site  hasn’t been around for very long, but it’s going to be a great site for bloggers to showcase their talents. Check it out at: Blognostics.

In my belief most bloggers would love to be more part of a community. For a long time I have thought there had to be a way to create a real sense of community amongst UK Bloggers. Sometimes it would be nice to have some help and talk to others who love blogging and share allegiance to the same island we live on. UK blogs seem to me to have no home, and i think it would be fantastic to be part of a UK blogs community where we could share our love and learning experiences of all things blogging.

To me I’d love social interaction with other UK bloggers in our own community. As humans some of our best work is done when we are part of a group of people that think and act like you. As bloggers we already know the value of building a solid interacting community online. I for one want to give the UK blogosphere a showcase. Bring on the UK Blogs!

Within our UK community we could offer each other resources and tools helping each other to progress as bloggers in addition to the normal promoting your content and providing you with the opportunity of guest blogging.

In my opinion its time there was a thriving UK blogging community. In other words, it’s important that we can access a network of like-minded bloggers who can help us if we need help and vice versa. In this case, blogging then becomes more than simply writing and publishing on our own blogs; instead, it becomes an activity that allows you and other bloggers to join together into a community of voices. Once this happens, you can really see how powerful blogging truly is.

What am I proposing?

I am offering a section of this blog to help create a thriving UK blogging community. I reach out to all UK bloggers to come and join me let’s all make a strong connection with each other so that we can leverage our connection into a strong network of bloggers who can begin to join together to support one another via our blogs. Whether experienced or new bloggers lets unite and show what the UK blogosphere is made up of.

Another way for us to support each other in our UK blogging community is for each of us to respond to each other articles through comments on their blog posts.

I am happy to share link love through this blog to help your blog grow out there in the search engine world.

I am delighted  to help new bloggers “get found”, I am starting a series called “New Blog of the Week”. Each week I will promote a new UK blog that is 3 months old or less and showcase them and ask my community members to visit them, read their posts and leave a comment.

What about you?  Jointhis new UK community and:

1.Be visible. Get out there. Visit the other blogs, leave comments and answer the comments on your blog. Post your links in this section by just emailing me then and ill get them up for you at

2.Link to the posts of your new online friends or share their post(s) on Twitter, Facebook or your favorite social networking site.

Just like real life friendships a blog community needs to be nurtured. Blog communities take time to form. Patience is key. Help me create this community.

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Update 21/11/2012 This is something i’d still love to do and welcome any interaction with other UK bloggers


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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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