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The Key to an Online Business

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Building an online business can have it ups and downs. I find it so ridiculous that you can show two people the way forward in their business, but while one totally gets it the other simply doesn’t.

The first is willing to put everything in to the venture that he can while the other thinks things through, searching perhaps for something else, listening too much to others who have their opinions and own agendas.

Perhaps the reason for the difference is that one of these people has a big picture driving him. He wants the big prize, is excited by the potential and believes that everything is possible.

The other is perhaps far to settled, been doing what he does for a long time and has lost the excitement that building something bigger and better can bring.

I would say ‘do what you think is right’, why if you’re comfortable with what you’ve got, why go through the extra pressure and responsibilities that it would bring. But if you know things could be better, that there’s unfulfilled potential then throw everything you have at it. You see this journey isn’t for everyone, and we are all free to choose our path. That’s the beauty of life, and I will support anybody’s decision even if I don’t agree with it as long as it is well thought out.

An absolute key for online business success, is that you must have something of value, that others need, and that you can either sell at a competitive price or provide a far superior service than anyone else.

Whatever you set out to sell online you have to build a stage through which you can communicate your messages and offers to as many people as humanly possible. With the internet the good news is this number is virtually endless.  SO when we get things right in our online business we have an amazing chance to succeed.

But his stage will take time to build and get right. You need to put the time in, but do it well, the pay off can be magnifient. Take a look right now at your stage. Maybe like mine it includes a blog, ecommerce shop, Twitter and Facebook identities  and other bits and pieces. Now make a judgment, and be honest, how impressive do you think it is? Would you buy from yourself?

You see there are two crucial parts to any online business.

  1. Your Product
  2. Your Stage

If either of these are not up to scratch then you’re on to a loser. So be honest does your online business have both the right product and stage to show it off.

I find it so exciting building an online business. I also find it amazing that there are so many companies that can’t see the simplicity of what it takes to achieve success.

Having the right products and promoting them on an excellent stage will go a long way to achieving success. The opportunities that exist are unbelievable for those that understand this and I would recommend anyone to go into online business, particularly if they can build it around the thing they’re passionate about.

I’m very excited by some of those that I am involved with. For example working with a certain badminton company. They have some of the best rackets in the market place , simply fantastic. In fact everything they do from their shuttlecocks, sports bags and clothing is the very best. Yet their online stage is one of the worst I’ve seen.  Many people sell their products but nowhere near the level they should be.

Things would be very different if they built the right stage where they could attract the right audience, to whom they show their brand off in the best possible way and show case their products in a way that befits such a great product. This is what it takes to build a successful, profitable online business. You have to make yourself heard amidst the of thousands of other brands and those voices promoting them. Time will tell whether we can do something about this, I have the feeling we can.

Do you have a brilliant product, then build yourself a fabulous stage. If you haven’t are there any great products out there which you can see have terrible stages well make an approach and do it yourself with them.  Good luck on your journey to online business success.


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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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