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Driven By My Inner Fire

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Every now and again something will happen in your day that will give you an added injection of confidence, energy and excitement. Basically it inspires within you such self-belief that the positive emotions just pour through every one of your veins.

Are you going to be aware when this moment comes? Ready to allow it to charge your very soul and lift you up where you feel like a giant.

We have been so busy building our business that there are times where we couldn’t see the wood from the trees. The concentration and focus to do what we’re doing is immense, and day by day we are slowly but surely putting the pieces together. We are excited in that we know we are building something to be very proud of that will deliver all our dreams and make us a very good standard of living. We are also driven on by the fact that we know we are doing something that a majority of people just couldn’t do and those that could we will be different and unique to them.

I am the type of person that will always be driven by my inner fire. The opportunity to go back into the health and fitness industry which has recently been given to me has stepped up my excitement by a notch or two. The sports shop we are building being the central point of everything we are doing is like my childhood dreams coming together, making money from sport.

When I look ahead I can only see success. I can finally see the end of a long road where I have turned failure around to success. There now can be no doubts that our ecommerce shops are going to thrive, so I should be walking around in a state of pure bliss.

But I knew, deep down inside, something was missing. Everything is going unbelievably well for us right now and has done since the beginning of March 2013. It’s as though things we think about are suddenly handed to us on a plate. How then could I have this feeling of there being something not quite right.

Well as I wrote the other day, it took a visit to the graveside of my sister to realise what was missing and what I needed to do. This adventure all started when I was introduced to blogging. The reason I began was because due to an eye operation I was unable to work out in the gym or in particular take classes or give instruction. I needed something to keep me busy, and sharing my passion for personal growth and all things healthy lifestyle seemed a great idea. Once though I began I very soon realised I wanted to do this forever. Yet I now see what blogging really offered to me back then. It was my way to relaunch myself back into the world after the personal battering my life had taken in the previous 18 months. Through blogging as strange as these words may be, I found a place to rekindle my spirits, lift my confidence, demonstrate my passions and basically get myself back off my knees.

I owe blogging a lot. It also pointed me to eCommerce the place from which I now make a descent income. I wanted that income, I enjoy that income and I would never deny to fulfil all my dreams I want a lot more, and I know I will succeed by doing exactly what I’m doing now. But it’s not enough.

Now before you say I’m greedy you’d better read on.

So Friday night I visited my sister’s grave, and came away realising the glue around everything I’d ever been and everything I’d ever done was provided by the words ‘never give up’. I had the frightening memory of me from the age of 2 years to 7 going backwards and forwards to Spinal Consultants and being told a wheelchair was my destiny by about 13. The older I got the more dreadful a vision this created for one particular reason, I was completely sport mad. If I wasn’t at school I’d be kicking a football around, holding a cricket bat, or playing hour after hour games of table tennis. I remember the words my Dad said to me:

‘No son of mine will give up on the belief that he can stand on his own two feet for ever more.’

I’m sure at the time he didn’t realise how poignant this would be for my entire life.

It succeeded in demonstrating to the consultants they were wrong, and to this day I am still able to walk, jog, run on my own two feet, admittedly right now slower than I was a few years back.

Equally as important no matter what obstacles have come my way I have never given up believing in myself or what I am capable of doing.

Everything I have learned, well it is my responsibility to pass this on. This is the message I know I have received, and it’s the missing link in my life. How many ‘Never Give Up’ articles have I previously written, yet I never realised the message I was being given each time.

I lost a sister far too early in life because she gave up, I have kept my sanity and strength despite many losses and hardships by never giving up, and I want to make the difference, and the way for me to do that is continue building my business but build a resource to teach and support others in their journey.

Loddy in a conversation inspired me today while we were discussing the initial success of our page in Facebook (link) and he helped me for the first time put into words exactly what needs to be done by me and my brilliant team.

We are becoming true passion entrepreneurs  where we are providing our passions (coaching and mentoring) on personal development) for free and making money from selling our passions of fitness and sport through our ecommerce shops.

I know we’ll be doing much more as well, because we love creating new things, but whatever we do, I know where my heart lies and being driven by my inner fire I want to help others never give up.

I would welcome anyone to contact me who has the same passion. I am sincere and genuine here, the goal is to change people’s lives.

Thank you for reading

This is Larry Lewis


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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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