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Blogging a mirror of my thoughts

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Blogging gives me at times a mirror of my thoughts, a chance to write my random musings and an opportunity to reflect on things in my life. It’s a fantastic way to release whatever your mind is thinking about, and when your soul has a cause the power of your writing can ramp up a long way.

I was explaining to someone the other day how refreshing and rewarding  it was once you could express yourself genuinely and freely through your blog writing.  Sometimes, I am my person to whom my blog post writings are directed at. Believe me it is one powerful way to get through to yourself. I am also my worse critic, and I hate those blogs where it’s obvious I haven’t put my all in, where the real Larry isn’t standing on his soap box.

I’m passionate about personal growth and am always looking for ways to improve my own life and that of others. Through blogging I have been given the chance to influence, inspire and educate many people, and I feel a responsibility to what it has given me. I love it when I write from the heart, and know that it’s where I make my best contribution.

At times it can really be challenging writing from the heart. When you start taking your blog from just a hobby to a business you realize you must create consistent, strong, original content and so the pressure mounts greatly.  Yet sometimes you are asked to write about lets say a product and you are trying to be sales orientated rather than writing from the heart. I hate that. Our blogs are meant to be our voice so we must have room to let it speak, and speak genuinely.

When I am not writing blog posts on my main blog Healthy Lifestyles Living  hoping to inspire others, I spend time building my ecommerce stores. Here I continue with my desire with making the difference by only selling products I truly believe in.

I guess i have been on an extraordinary journey. Blogging has been the catalyst for it all. That is why I try to convince those starting up a blog to be honest in what they write and to allow their voice to be the real them.

When I started blogging I knew nothing about Google Analytics, monetization of blogs, ecommerce, or SEO. It was nothing to do with making money. It was just a wonderful way to write as much as I wanted on a subject I was passionate about that I believed could help other people.

Just because blogging is now part of my business I have not lost my love for blogging and believe that its even more important now for the real Larry to stand up, inspire, motivate and educate by writing his very best about something he genuinely cares about.

Never be  tempted to follow the pack and decide to start writing about some network marketing product, or even trying to promote some affiliate program where you even pretend to know and interview the so called celebrity you are promoting and do lots of other nonsensical things. You’re selling out, you’re worth more than that. I know some that have tried, failed, and then gone on to try and teach others to blog. Shaking my head now. No one should compromise their authenticity.

Find your unique voice and write and write and influence the world.

The best way to start, write about what you’re thinking about. Share your thoughts! Let blogging be a mirror of your thoughts.


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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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