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The inspiration behind my business is seeing something grow that has been driven by my fascination with the internet and my passion for healthy lifestyles living.

The most important thing I’ve learnt on my career journey is that your creativity supported by your passions is the quickest and most enjoyable route to establishing a successful business.

What I am about to write goes against what I’ve been taught and the way I believed business had to be structured. I come from a marketing background so planning, having a strategy is supposedly key to our success.

So if you want to start a business, common business practice says you need to plan. Well our business has proved this is not true.

Instead a business can be created and grow by simply connecting it to your Heart.

We would have been restricted if we had a plan. So much of what we have done and achieved has been brought to us though an insight, “Ah-Ha! Moments”! You know, those life-changing flashes of clarity. It is these that have provided us with the wisdom of each step we need to take. Does this sound strange to you? Well in truth it does to us even now although we know how far it has allowed us to go.

It is these moments of insight that have created our business.

Most of us have been taught to play by the rules, build our plan, do what everybody else is doing, don’t be different and it will all work out.

I’m a lifestyle entrepreneur who is lucky enough to be building my business around my passions. I cringed the other day when talking to an old friend, who happen to be The Sales Director for an Outdoor Clothing and Equipment Company. He was telling me about this brilliant online business man he was talking to that had created a brilliant, world class business plan. I couldn’t tell him we had done the same because we never did, the best maybe I could have claimed was a one page mind map.

I see the problem with business plans is that they get you focused on the detail rather than the vision.

It was Gary Vaynerchuk, the man who built a phenomenal online businesss from his passions who said:

“I just jumped in with no game plan, but lived it every day,”

Let your business be driven by your passion not a plan. Allow your hard work and persistence to lead you to those wonderful ah ha moments and the endless opportunities that will open up in front of you.

Start with a vision. Then develop a model to make that vision a reality. Work determinedly towards its fruition, and be prepared for those magic moments that truly set your business into over drive.

Quit planning and start being passionate.

I ended up doing something that I was really enjoying and that was blogging. From the very beginning I determined this was how I wanted to spend my time and therefore I decided to establish a business around my blogs but in truth didn’t really know how to do it. I have gone a long way since those early days learning as i went along. It may only be three years but I have learnt so much and come such a long way. Let your passions drive you!


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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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