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Do you have a passion that can make a difference? I was speaking with a lady the other day whose passion reverberates through her and knows that she can make a difference by educating people of the possibility of raising their children into a world of health.

Indeed this is a wonderful goal, and with the passion she has I see her making her mark, and truly helping thousands of families benefiting from the benefits that come from good health.

She is a firm believer in certain supplements, indeed she would talk to you with total belief and passion about these products because they have helped to transform both her own life and that of her children.

But my advice to her, in way of a warning, was that the world does not need another peddler of health products, there are already way to many sales people out there selling health products particularly wrapped around the Network Marketing model. I am telling her to be what you wanna be, be your genuine self, do the things that come naturally to you, if you’re a teacher teach, a leader then lead, or a mother that cares about other mums and their children, then show it by doing what comes naturally to you.

I love her belief in her products but she has to strike a balance to where they fit in the business she is building. Is the business there in the first place to educate, teach, inspire … to provide information enabling families to adopt healthy living philosophies … educating pregnant women, one of her true motivations, how to treat their bodies right ensuring they nurture the life being created within them, or is it all a cloak to sell supplements.

I strongly suggest selling products, you believe in, ones that reinforce the message you put across through your work, but they are there to supplement your business, to monetize what you do, they, in my eyes are not the reason for doing it. Be what you wanna be, means doing in business what you thinks fits your skills and strengths, not just do what someone has told you to do to make money.

Do I get out of bed every morning to sell products from my wellness stores. No! Do I get up to inspire and motivate others into action, you bet I do.

I see my business as much about my personal branding as anything else. It’s about who I am, what I’ve done, the things I know, the things I do, and why I do them. By demonstrating all this clearly to others it brings me new opportunities and helps me to achieve the goals I’ve for myself. Much of my business is built upon presenting my philosophy and message as clearly as possible.

The impact that a successful brand can have on a business’ bottom line is incredible, and the rewards that stem from a strong personal brand are just as valuable. And yes that is where the benefits of having strong products comes into play.

So although I make a very sizeable income from selling products through my online shops I do not define myself as a ‘retailer’ or a ‘shopkeeper’. They are just an extension to who I am, a wellness life coach.

As a life coach I have helped many clients achieve personal growth by harnessing their inner power. And build their future by being who they want to be in business not who they think they need to be. This assists them to uncover the obstacles that hinder their fulfillment and find the answers to their deepest questions.

The results we achieve depend on what we focus on in each moment. Focusing our time and energy on the wrong things is something we can’t afford to do.

December is drawing to an end. Christmas is almost upon us. Use this time to take stock of your career as the year comes to a close. How’s your job working out for you? Are you happy with what you’re doing? Is it the job of your dreams? Are you who you want to be?

It has become apparent to me that many that seek to build an online business don’t understand the importance of building their personal brand and allowing this to be created around their passions, and I will be writing a series of posts so that you can be what you wanna be and enjoy the success this will bring.



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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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