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My Dream Job

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Only when we discover our dream job do we realise how much our jobs affect our happiness and health. Too many of you struggle on doing jobs you hate. Yet you spend two thirds of your awake time working, and for me to spend so much time of my life doing something I don’t enjoy would be totally unacceptable.

So what exactly is a dream job? It is a real job where you’re doing the work you love and you are being rewarded for your special skills, knowledge and passion working with people where your life seems blessed and extraordinary.

I am in the fortunate position of doing a job that I love, but it hasn’t always been this way. For a long time I was a marketing consultant in the fitness industry and my efforts were so unappreciated despite the fact I was making others a lot of money, I would trudge home at the end of a hard week, having stayed in a variety of hotels away from my family, dreading going back to work on Monday morning.

As you have probably gathered by now, I have always been very passionate about personal development and coaching, so I spent hours researching how could I follow a career more in alignment to who I was and the things I loved. Although I had all the answers, it was only due to ill health forcing me to find an alternative that I finally made the switch, and since I have, I’ve never looked back.

With my eye bandaged up, the first few months were some of the most challenging times of my life. Here I was at 47 years old and having to start out on a completely new journey.

From this point on, everything turned around. I started of launching my offline coaching practice and then found my way to blogging. I met many wonderful people who recognized my efforts and praised my writing. Others would send emails thanking me for the inspiration they got from reading my articles. I thrived off of the connections and interactions that occurred online.

Everything took off from there. The entire adventure has just exploded into all types of areas that I could not possibly have imagined three years ago.

Personal Development is my passion. It has been since I was a teenager. That was when my mother brought me my first self-help book. Ever since I have been hooked. I didn’t know then how important it would be throughout my life.

It’s strange to look back and see how my life and career changes have taken place over time, to only now have I found my dream job. Yet every one of us when we were children were probably asked the question “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Were you? Maybe you said a soldier or a pilot. Maybe you said an actor, a lawyer, or a dentist. I am sure every one of us had a dream, but we lost it on the journey through life. How wonderful it would be to pick this dream up once again and set yourself up in a job that follows this path. That’s exactly what I have done. I can remember as if it was only yesterday reading Jose Silva and thinking I’d love to be writing stuff like this or standing on stage teaching others.

What I have come to learn is that I have so much to give to the world through applying my skills directly to my passion. I know that I can really touch the world by sharing of myself and my experiences, my knowledge and my learning’s, in the realm of personal development. I am a coach, both by qualification and natural tendencies, and I am never satisfied unless I am helping others to bring about improvements in their lives. I know that doing a job every day that I love and am passionate about is how life is meant to be.

I have the privilege of having my dream job. Everything I do is within the field of personal development. My main blog healthy lifestyles living is my platform for bringing inspiration into other people’s lives, my personal development coaching practice allows me to interact with individuals wanting to make more of their lives, the gym that I am a partner in helps people make changes to their bodies, but it’s through their minds that the biggest changes have to happen, my e-commerce shops sell products that bring about improvements for health and performance, and then there is my mentoring business where I help others to build businesses online, and be assured one of the major areas of significance is helping them develop their entrepreneurial mindset. Everything I do is connected deeply to my passions for personal development.

But this post isn’t about me. I’m showing you what is possible when you connect your skills and your passions. I want the same for you.

Take a look at your current job, and ask yourself if you are really bringing your whole self to what you do, and are you loving every second you spend doing it. Alternatively are you simply being paid to use those skills you have, in a role that doesn’t excite you.

Your dream job is waiting for you in the place where your passion and your skills meet.

Isn’t it time you looked for where this is?

To create that dream job you just have to tap into your passions and skills and find where they meet.

Start with the “big picture” of your dream job, based on your passions, talents, and values. Then, clarify the details of what you want from a job, through creating a Dream Job Description. To do this you have to consider: what do you truly love doing? What are you passionate about? What are you good at?

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

1) What comes easy to you but harder to others?

2) What could you do for years and never have to get paid for?

3) How can you be of service?

4) What is your passion in life?

It’s time for you to begin the most exciting journey of your life where you connect to the part of you that believes in your unlimited potential and the magic of life. Your future is waiting for you to create it.

Everyone has something that they are passionate about and everyone has the opportunity to make their living from that passion.

What’s great about the time we are living in right now is the technology we have available to help you create your dream job. I doubt whether I could have created what I have maybe 10 years ago, but now with the World Wide Web it became possible.

My two daughters have noticed the biggest difference in me, but I don’t think they realise the ‘why’. Not only do I enjoy my job immensely but my self-confidence and sense of self-worth has sky rocketed. My change in attitude is obvious to everyone. I truly understand the value of having a successful and happy career. When you love what you do, and your skills are in alignment, how could life be any better?

What do you really want to be? Where do your skills and passions meet? Please comment.



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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.
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