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People often ask me what truly inspires me. What one thing really motivates me? I have never denied that I am very goal orientated, and much of what I do is geared to the achievement of my goals.

Nobody that knows me isn’t aware of my passion for business. After all most of what I do is focus on things I enjoy doing, in fact dare I say I do the things I love. This is probably why I work so hard, and love supporting others on their journey. Whether this be through my personal development blogging or mentoring others to find their passion driven business.

There can in my mind be nothing better, or more exciting than helping another human being discover their passion, and then help them use this to create a business around it.

I am inspired by my dream to create in the future a Power of Passion Community where people come together on a journey to discover their passions. Through this passion community my desire is to guide and mentor others to rekindle their passion for life.

One thing I know without a doubt is if you choose to open a business, your chances of success are greater if you love the work you do. If only every entrepreneur followed their passion.

By allowing the Power of Passion into Your Life you will to move your life into the direction of your dreams. Success is waiting for you when you share your passions!

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates probably had no inclination that their passions would change the world, but they did.

My personal experience shows me that when you focus on your passion, you find your true purpose in life, and the results you experience just get better and better.

You may not be the next Steve Jobs, or even Bill Gates but when you live your passion and allow your passions to excel you will certainly impact the world in a positive way.

As a parent I’m constantly concerned with the well-being and future success of my children. I suppose it’s only natural to worry about our kids, and I’m sure we’ll never stop. We long for them to be content and successful at whatever they choose to do. We hope that we’ll be able to provide them with answers when they need them.

Almost all of us find our way in life but it is so much easier if we have the necessary tools and knowledge. As a Dad I’d do anything to ensure that my girl’s future is bright.

The worrying growth in youth unemployment, fuelled by the current economic downturn, means that a new generation of young people face an uncertain future. Unemployment, benefit dependency and rising debt are a huge problem for young adults today.

Under 25s now make up the largest group of unemployed people in the UK. Among the under 25s, one in four men and one in five women are unemployed. Now what father could see those sort of statistics and not worry. Being the father to two young ladies, 17 and 21 who are going to have to survive and prosper in today’s competitive world, I feel that I have a responsibility to not just them, but to others who face similar circumstances.

As a blogger and online entrepreneur, I not only love what I do, I love the lifestyle it brings to me. What I know are that the possibilities and opportunities offered to the younger generation are mind boggling. The world could truly be their oyster.

I want to stand on a platform and shout one message to them all. Look for a job you love, and if you can’t find it, create it for yourself! You can make a fantastic living by following your passions, and in the future I am totally inspired by creating the power of passion community to show them how to do it.

Both my girls have gone down the path of further education, something I’m very proud of. They have developed their skills in scholastic areas, but are they prepared with the skills to make something of their lives after education has finished?

I really want them to be able to work out what they can do with their lives, how they can enjoy their lives, and make huge success of it. I want them to learn how to realize their ideas, how to make the most of their lives.

There’s a lot of opportunity for young people in the business world right now! And a lot working in their favour. They have a natural curiosity, a willingness to take risks, and abundant amounts of energy! But there is a real lack of useable information showing them how to open up their passions to bring them career opportunities. Yet the possibilities are endless.

The irony of that thinking is that these days there isn’t a job that exists that’s guaranteed safe or secure. The days of working for a company for 30 years and retiring with a nice pension are long gone. I wholeheartedly believe that entrepreneurship, and the skills that go along with it, are what will best prepare our young people for the future.

I believe I’m saying that the entrepreneurial spirit needs to be their calling.

What is the single most important thing I could teach my two daughters to lead them down the best possible entrepreneurial road?

It’s the importance of passion doing something that is fulfilling to them. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, obstacles won’t seem as big and will be easier to overcome, and your “work” won’t feel like work at all.

When you’re following your passion, all areas of your life improve. You’re happier, so your relationships are better, you’re likely to be more productive, so your financial picture is better, and you even have more incentive to take care of your health.

So the magic is combining your passions and entrepreneurial skills to create your very own successful business.

And that is why to me, my dream, my inspiration, my goal is to some day soon open up the Power of Passion Community to help guide those looking to bring magic in their lives.



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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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