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Life is brilliant! It’s so incredibly exciting; there are so many choices, so many possibilities.

I had a meeting today with someone that is crying out to follow the path of lifestyle design.

In my blogging journey I have met some really remarkable and gifted people from all walks of life, each in their own rights passionate about their journey through life.

Others are not so lucky. They’re unhappy, unfulfilled, they don’t know what they want to do, they just know they don’t want to be doing what it is they do.

So many people who have for so long accepted 9-5 living as the norm, have come to realise this isn’t the way they want to go any longer. This lady who I met today is very clear on one thing, she doesn’t want to be stuck behind a desk 9-5. But she needs to make money.

I assured her anything is possible, but she would need to make a deliberate, conscious choice about what it was she wanted to do.

In fact, I told her the secret in my eyes to success for life. Make a conscious lifestyle design to build a business that you can run from anywhere.

The idea of spending hours upon hours on writing and building a blog is puzzling for some. But I’ve loved every second of it.

At this time, two years into building my business I invest a lot of the time and energy into my work. For me, my goal is to inspire others to live life more passionately, and to help them build the lifestyle they dream about. In a nutshell, lifestyle design.

I’d recommend anyone to take their passions on line and build a business around it. With the growth of the internet, and blogging in particular, your choices have compounded exponentially.

I can’t think of a better way of living then devoting my time solely to designing my lifestyle around a business built on my passions, spending each day following my passions, enjoying each moment, and doing what excites me.

My message to everyone reading this blog post today is that “your life is your own”. You are 100% unique and talented in your own special way. You have the right to spend your life doing the things you love to do, and experiencing things that bring you massive joy.

Change is scary, I accept that. But throwing yourself into taking action making the life of your dreams is so worth it.

If you are interested in finding out more about lifestyle design, a great resource is offered by Corbett Barr over at think traffic.

There’s never been a better time for you to design your own dream lifestyle. Technology has made it possible for you to work and live from almost anywhere in the world. The only limitation is you and your imagination, and your belief in the person you are and what you are capable of doing.

It breaks my heart that people are stuck in jobs that they hate, no longer allowing themselves the beauty of having a dream.

Anyone can get themselves out of a lifestyle they dislike to one they’ll truly love. They just have to make the start!


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About the author: Larry Lewis
Personal Development & Healthy Lifestyle Blogger at Healthy Lifestyles Living which has recently been featured in the Mail On Sunday, Life Coach & Author of Goal Setting Made Easy With The Single Page Plan.

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