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Why Do We Blog

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Why Do We Blog

The World of Blogging has sky rocketed over the last 5 years. Recently I found these stats:

• On July 31, 2006, Technorati tracked its 50 millionth blog

• The blogosphere is doubling about once every 6 and a half months

• About 175,000 new weblogs are created each day

• There are more than 2 blogs created each second of each day about 1.6 Million postings per day, or about 18.6 posts per second.

Today Technorati currently states it is tracking over 112.8 million blogs. The rate at which the numbers are increasing is mind-boggling. As a blogger it is unbelievable to think, how many other blogs are vying for our potential readers attention. It also keeps us on our toes, because if we stop coming up with the good, that attracted our readers in the first place, off they’ll go to find somebody that’s providing the resource , knowledge or entertainment they’re seeking.

The online communities are rampant with blogs on every subject matter under the sun, written in every possible language. From personal journal style blogs to film review sites to fashion and beauty, protestors to political commentators and everything between, you can find blogs on any subject you can think of.

“Blogs are powerful because they allow millions of people to easily publish and share their ideas, and millions more to read and respond. They engage the writer and reader in an open conversation, and are shifting the Internet paradigm as we know it.”—Technorati

When it comes to blogging, what you have to say and how you say it is in my mind the most important part. You want people not just to find your blog, and read it, you want them to like what you write, so they keep returning.

Blogging is a time consuming exercise. You often have to research information, once you’ve decided what subject you want to write about, unless of course your blog is more a journal style, where you’re recording your thoughts or your activities. Then there’s the writing of your article, the re-reading to make sure it flows and says what you mean it to say. You bare always trying to write the best article, showing originality, making it interesting. It all takes time and effort. I’ve never been able to just knock out a blog post in minutes, and I doubt whether many bloggers ever have.

So, why do we blog? What motivates us to cultivate our blogs on a daily or maybe weekly basis despite the fact that often the financial rewards may be little or absolutely nothing?

Personally I enjoy writing. I write my blog as a way to express myself and use my knowledge dare I say expertise. My blogs gives me the opportunity of writing what I want. I’m sure there’s some egotism in what I do. My mum always said I liked the sound of my own voice, so blogging in a way is a further extension of that. I am also very opinionated on certain subjects, and my blog gives me the perfect place to show my opinion on subjects that matter to me. It’s also great being in the blogger community. Although I still see myself as a complete novice, I’ve already chatted with and received advise from many good people, more experienced at all matters blogging.

A strong part of my life is focused around helping others. My mission is to coach and guide people to help them improve their relationship with their health and well being. This is what led me to working in the gym industry, and becoming both a life coach, and stress management coach. So a strong part of the reason that I have become a blogger, and will remain as one for a long time to come, is that I want to help others, and provide information that I believe will be useful to others. This I can do through my writing on my blog, as well as promoting some products that I know from experience work.

Finally, if I can earn some money from doing it, well all the better. If not, well the reward of helping another human being through what I write, well there’s all the reward any human being should need.

Whatever reasons I give you for the fact that I am now a blogger, the simple fact is, I love blogging! i hope you enjoy reading what i write!

Originally published on my Healthy Lifestyle Living Blog



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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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