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Personal Development Coaching with the TGROW Model

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Personal Development Coaching with the TGROW Model

With the support of a Personal Development Coach you can clarify your ambitions, break through internal and external obstacles, remove the road blocks and barriers to your progress, unleash your potential, and boost your capacity for achievement.

Do you want to develop a clear strategy; break through internal and external obstacles; get unstuck; become unstoppable: and receive your heart’s desire?

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of helping so many people do just this. I have helped them to:

  • Enhance their lives.
  • Overcome obstacles.
  • Clarify their ambitions.
  • Eliminate self-sabotaging habits and beliefs.
  • Boost their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Develop resilience.
  • Boost their emotional and mental well being.

Close the gap between where you are and where you wish to be. Start the Journey to having the Best of Life NOW. Develop a clear strategy. Break through internal and external obstacles. Get unstuck, become unstoppable, receive your heart’s desire!

  • Sort out financial issues.
  • Make more fulfilling career choices.
  • Startup and grow their own businesses.
  • Become self-motivated.
  • Develop life serving beliefs and habits.
  • Develop a positive mental attitude.
  • Boost their achievement levels.
  • Resolve relationship challenges.
  • Unleash their potential.
  • Move forward in life.


Some of the other benefits clients have gained from working with me were:

  • They were able get their burning issues resolved much quicker.
  • They removed long standing obstacles that had been hindering them from making progress.
  • They were able to achieve their goals faster.


Through your coaching session(s) with me:

  • You’ll have access to the expertise and skills I’ve developed for over 20 years, as developer of Human Potential and as a worker in the Helping Profession.
  • You’d also get professional support to help you discover solutions that are unique to your person and your particular situation.
  • You’ll be provided with information that will help you to make better choices.
  • You’ll be assisted through the process of putting an action plan in place.
  • And you’ll benefit from having someone that would hold you accountable for reaching your goals.


The support I’ll provide you with, will increase your confidence levels, boost your motivation and help you to achieve your goals much faster.


I use TGROW as a coaching model; and I’ll use this model to help you achieve your goals.

T opic– We’ll clarify the issue and explore the topic you’d like to discuss.

G oal – We’ll set specific goals – long, medium, short term; and/or for the session itself .

R eality – We’ll try to understand where you are now, in relation to where you are trying to get to, or what you are trying to achieve.

O ptions – We’ll explore options for moving things forward.

W ay Forward – And finally, we’ll identify options that will lead to possible solutions, and you’ll decide specific action(s) for moving forward.


I look forward to working with you.


To Your Success


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About the author: Larry Lewis
I'm Larry. As an Executive Life Coach, entrepreneur and writer, I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create a better, stress free, well balanced life.

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