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Coaching Logistics. For your convenience, we coach by various means (telphone, messenger, skype). In person coaching can also be arranged. Your one‐to-one time with your coach usually lasts 45 minutes. We ask that you block out 15 minutes before your session to prepare for your coaching call and 15 minutes after your session to reflect on the call and solidify your intentions and action items.

The Coaching Session. During each call, we first check in and discuss what you intend to accomplish during the call. We discuss how you have moved since our last call. We acknowledge progress and we explore breakdowns and challenges you may have experienced. We discuss new possibilities, and go from there. We listen and ask questions to further explore each topic you bring to the conversation. We keep you focused on the present. We help you remain on purpose. We point out thoughts of blame, judgment or victimization to yourself or others. We remind you when your thinking is coming from flight, fight or freeze. We help you identify limiting beliefs. We help you to use “I” instead of “you” to take full responsibility for your world. We help you focus on “what you want” instead of “what you don’t want.”

Each Session Closes with an Intention and Plan of Action for Change. At the end of each session, you choose the Thing you intend practice, create your intention around that, and review how you intend to practice what you have learned from the session. During your next session, we check in – acknowledge progress, discuss any obstacles or challenges, and craft adjustments that lead to understanding, depth of thinking and a shifting toward what you really want.

Length of Coaching. Managing Thought is not a quick fix. It is a journey—a continuous process—that applies to any aspect of your thinking and being. While you are certainly welcome to sign‐up for one‐time coaching sessions, we often suggest that at least 3 months be dedicated to Personal Development Coaching. During your first call with your coach, you decide the rhythm for your session. For example you may choose a day and time that stays the same each month, such as the third Thursday of every month at 1pm, or every Tuesday at 7pm. Or every other Friday at 9am.

Our coaches are here to support you. We help you attain significant results and long‐lasting success. Our coaching offers a safe place for you to have a conversation, to see and become conscious of your own obstacles, discover what’s possible, and make new choices, in safe yet strategic ways, that lead you to what you truly want in work and in life. We coach you only in those areas in which we are qualified to coach you. If a conflict of interest or the potential for a conflict of interest arises, your coach discloses it and discusses with you how to deal with it in whatever way best serves you. If your coach feels that you could be better served by another coach, or another expert, then we do refer you. We hold what you tell us in confidence. U



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