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The Joy Of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Out of all the techie task I have to do, what is the one task which challenges me the most? You guessed it, the joy of search engine optimisation (SEO) can sometimes be short lived.

Why is it sometime a post will rise up to the top of Google and sit on the 1st page and then sometime the post will be nowhere to be seen? Search Engine Optimisation isn’t something that you can do over night. If a keyword or keyphrase is worth targeting you can bet your bottom dollar you will not be able to get to the top position over night. It takes time, a well laid out plan of what you need to do. If you assign some time in your daily routine and invest it into SEO then you will soon find your website will rise in the SERP’s.

You can use exactly the same technique for writing your blog posts but they wont perform the same when getting ranked in the search engines. You can make sure your title appears in your post, in your description and in your ‘h’ tags but your efforts will vary widely from an SEO perspective. The answer to this is simple. Backlinks! When it comes to SEO there is no better way to get your page to the top of google. Getting backlinks to your web page is THE MOST important thing you can do to improve it’s position in Google.

It’s possible to get a page ranked in the search engines without that page having the search term anywhere on the page! The example every SEO coach uses is the Adobe Reader example. If you do a search for ‘click here’ (without the ‘) the number one web page returned will be the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The interesting thing here is if you view the source code for the page and do a search fo the words ‘click here’ (again without the ‘) you will not get any matches. The words click here are not on the page. This brings us to the today’s lesson. Why has this page been returned in top position? Think about it for a second. If you were to download a file in pdf format (this is especially true 8 years or so ago when the Adobe Reader started to become popular) there would normally be a line underneath the download with the words:

The file above is a pdf file. You can open this file using Adobe Acrobat Reader. To get Adobe Acrobat Reader click here.

Before anyone had to concentrate on SEO this was the natural way to link to something. Everyone was use to seeing the words ‘click here’ to download something and the most popular thing to download was Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is this linking from millions of websites that over time has associated the Adobe Reader with the search term click here.

If you can understand this concept then you should be able to see that most of your SEO efforts should be dedicated to off-page SEO. In other words, the people that get fixated with their SEO processor score or the pages keyword density figures are spending time in the wrong place. Concentrate your efforts on quality backlinking and you will soon see great improvement in your web page rankings.


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