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How We Keep You Safe

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How We Keep You Safe
With the boom of on-line shopping it is only inevitable that there has been a surge of ecommerce websites. Unfortunately not all of these websites offer a secure or even genuine shopping experience. Below is a list of things that we do to ensure your shopping experience with us is as safe as possible. It’s also a great guide to know what to look out for when you shop on other websites.

We are PayPal verified

Why is this important? We use PayPal to process your payment on our behalf when you checkout using our on-line order from. There used to be a link we could use to prove we are verified but unfortunately PayPal have removed this functionality. However, if you need to confirm this you can simply contact PayPal and ask if ATMP Limited have a verified account with them which of course the answer will be yes we do :-).

We use a 100% secure SSL certificate to secure connections

During checkout we will make sure the connection between you and our servers is safe and secure. We use the highest encryption currently available (128-bit) to ensure your sensitive information remains private.

We are a PCI Compliant Company

In March 2013, PayPal made it compulsory that all PayPal Pro account holders be PCI certified. A PCI certified company follows best practices set out by the PCI Security Standards Council to ensure safe keeping of an individuals credit/debit card information. It also introduced best practices for a safe networking environment and to ensure company procedures are in place to make sure your personal data remains just that.

We have genuine customer reviews

All of our reviews on Facebook are from genuine Larry Lewis customers. How does this keep you safe? We know that in order for you to want to shop with us you need to be able to trust us. This is our way of proving we are good at what we do and we ensure you are in safe hands when shopping with us.

Our servers are OUR SERVERS

We don’t use a third party to host our website. Why can this be bad? Well if a website is hosted on a shared server then this server could contain five, ten or even hundreds of other websites. This can cause some security concerns because if one website gets infected, even though another website is seen to be secure, the virus can still spread internally. Not good! Even on a dedicated hosting package a websites files and data are stored with a third party. This means there is now another ‘set of eyes’ that could actually get access to your sensitive information. Of course, we are not saying web hosts do this kind of thing, it’s just nice to know when using our website this can NOT happen.

We don’t just have 1 scanner looking for unwanted viruses, we have 3!

We have a daily scan performed by our domain provider, GoDaddy. We also have a monthly scan performed by our PCI compliant provider trustwave. Lastly as we use our own servers, we do our own internal scans to ensure our servers are in tip top condition and remain updated and as secure as possible.

We love our customers!

We know it’s a cliché but to us, our customers are our number one priority. We love every one of you and can’t thank you enough for choosing us. Believe it or not, we are not a large organisation where a customer can easily get lost in a sea of account numbers. We like to think we can still offer that personal touch, weather it be helping out with a product issue, tracking down an order on your behalf while you are at work or just having a good old chat on Facebook or Twitter.

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